Published On : Sun, Aug 3rd, 2014

Friends’ Funda : Words that weigh in Nagpur

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As they say, friends are forever…Same holds true for Nagpur guys and gals but with a tadka of twist. And the saying for city goes like this… Friends are forever if not you then some other!! You must have come across various friends – Some are simple, few are clever…but somehow all believe in now or never. Call it a climatic effect, that you may find unique in Nagpur, or the flow of trend, the friends in Nagpur have developed some common words to make their lives easier. However, we cannot say for sure, how those words spell ease (or may be utmost difficulty) for the friend on the receiving end.

On this Friendship Day, Nagpur Today decodes some frequently used ‘jargons’ in Nagpur which we believe should be patented for the city specific meaning it holds, other than its literal meanings. We have also mentioned our decoded meanings beside the sentences…So don’t get carried away by just hearing it, because we believe Har Ek friend….. hota hai!!! So here we go ‘friends’…

Tu Tension mat le… (Be ready for loads of stress!!)

Topping our list of ‘words of wisdom’ is this precious piece of advice that almost every Nagpurian passes on to his or her friend. While these words are meant to ease out the friend from a tense situation in rest of the country but in Nagpur it has its own definition. As we zeroed in on its meaning in city, we concluded that those were meant to actually generate tension, even if the concerned friend is in purely normal state of mind. So if you get these words of assurances from your near and dear friends – tu tension mat le, kaam ho jayega – Be assured my dear, you will have to stress beyond limits to get it done.

Baithenge aaj sham ko… (Let’s booze unlimited)

Friends or no friends, these are the most loved rhymes that you would listen from the people out to fine tune their relationship here, be it business or friendship. No matter how important a deal is, the best way to crack it is by simply saying Baithenge aaj sham ko… Guys, no friendship is complete without inclusion of compulsory evening delight. The sunset here is preferred more than sunrise to keep the friendship shining. But hold on, this is not the common meeting. It is for sure wine, dine and then talking super fine. Baithenge literally means booze in city. And with the city gals picking up the rising nightlife trend here, these words hold same meaning, whether doled out by a boy or a gal.

Hau kya..??? (Do I look fool?)

Don’t be ever confused by these words which rather sound convincing but carry some other sentiments in its undertone. You may be soaked up in the excitement of the moment to narrate your friends what you did in your holiday tour or what your girlfriend or boyfriend said to you. You would rather feel contented when your friends anxiously say – Hau Kya??. But beware my dear friends. This two word phrase, probably born and grown up to full bloom in the soil of Nagpur, could be intended to just give a pass to your talks which may be causing boredom to your friends!

Mera Waala Saoji  (You don’t know anything about taste)

Here or there…Saoji is everywhere. When it comes to locating one in Nagpur, you may find one for everyone (literally). And when friends plan to have a saoji treat together, the big question arises is which saoji to go after all? And then are fired several rounds of claims from different ends, each claiming ‘East Nagpur or West, mera waala saoji is the best. This actually does not mean to take friends to share better taste.  Our research says it is only because you like its taste, while for others it means …Go to hell, come to this one or drop the plan!

Main kya bolta…!? (You should listen to me, strictly!!)

Every friend bothers to have their say in groups. Call it a peer pressure or the tongue pressure, everyone mutters along with this beginning – Main Kya bolta? While  a guy from other town or city would wonder – How would I know ye kya bolta? But thanks its Nagpur where everyone understands that Main Kya Bolta means the person questioning this is dying to say something, but what we got is you have to listen to it anyway, at any cost, no matter how unbearable it is to listen…

Despite all these odds, if’s and but’s, you or me, we still believe friendship is something which keeps you lively. It makes your life worth living.

We wish you all a Happy Friendship Day