Published On : Wed, May 13th, 2020

‘Fresh aid in PM pkg is Rs 12 lakh cr not 20’

Of the Rs 20-lakh-crore package that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to defend the economy against coronavirus disruptions, fresh support may be only around 60 per cent of the offer as it counts the first financial stimulus and liquidity support that Reserve Bank has given already, and will overburden bond market, says a report.

In a big push to revive the COVID-hit economy, PM Modi on Tuesday announced massive new financial incentives on top of the previously announced packages for a combined stimulus of Rs 20 lakh crore.

Modi outlined a Rs 20-lakh-crore which is 9.7 per cent of GDP support package, of which new allocations could only be 50-60 per cent of the offer. But until more details are known, financing burden will fall on the bond markets, Radhika Rao, the economist at Singaporean lender DBS Bank said in a note on Wednesday.

She further noted that “the new fiscal package is upsized and its scale lends a positive surprise, at a bigger-than-anticipated size with emphasis on making the economy more self-reliant via local manufacturing and improved supply chains’. It can be noted that the government had in late March announced fiscal measures worth Rs 1.7 lakh crore while the RBI offered liquidity support of Rs 3.7 lakh crore in March and Rs 2 lakh crore in April.

“The new fiscal measures might account to around 60 per cent or Rs 12-13 lakh crore. If this includes a wider net of RBI measures, then the new package might amount to Rs 10 lakh crore,” Rao said. She further said coordinated approach is needed to cushion a part of the after effects of the growth slowdown, which will impact incomes, jobs and business viability