Frequent disruptions by Oppn in Council: Ruling party to complain Governor

Chandrakant Patil
Nagpur: Jolted by the frequent disruption of proceedings in Legislative Council by the Opposition parties over loan waiver issue, the ruling dispensation is contemplating to lodge a complaint with Governor. The Ruling Party Leader Chandrakant Dada Patil accused the Opposition parties of not allowing the House to function in accordance with the rules framed by the Governor.

Amid the chaotic scenes on the third day, the Council was adjourned for the day.

According to Patil, the Opposition is not at all serious on any of the issues. A discussion on loan waiver is already been decided. But still, the Opposition parties, for their self gain, disrupting the House proceedings every now and then. “They are holding the House for ransom on one issue or another for their self gain. We are now contemplating to complain to the Governor and bring to his attention the behaviour of the Opposition parties,” Patil said.

The Parliamentary Affair Minister Girish Bapat asserted that the ruling party is desiring to run the House but the Opposition parties, on the strength of numbers, are trying to gag the voice of the Government. This attitude of the Opposition is akin to strangulating the democracy, Bapat charged.

Girish Bapat
Slamming the ‘tactics’ of the Opposition parties, the Shiv Sena leader Dr Deepak Sawant said that the sanctity of the House should be maintained and proceedings be allowed in best of manners.

On the other hand, the Opposition countered the ruling party by charging that the government is trying to crush voice of the opponents. The Leader of Opposition Dhananjay Munde said that on one hand the government is neglecting the farmers and on the other hand, trying to curb the opposition who is raising the farmers’ issues.