Published On : Sun, Nov 15th, 2015

French police locate a car used in terror attacks and identify one attacker

<> on January 7, 2015 in Paris, France.

<> on January 7, 2015 in Paris, France.


Just as Paris prosecutor Francois Molins disclosed that three teams of terrorists coordinated and stage managed attacks on six locations throughout Paris late Friday night, police have located one black car that was found deserted in one of the city suburbs. It had many AK 47s in its back seat. The car has been towed away for detailed forensic investigation.

The car is believed to have been used by gunmen in the restaurant attacks and has been found in the eastern Paris suburb of Montreuil, a spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor’s office said Sunday.


The discovery raises the possibility that at least one attacker drove the car to the Montreuil and remains at large.

Molins said that at least 129 people were killed and 352 wounded in the attacks. Ninety-nine of the wounded are reported to be in a very serious condition.
Meanwhile, one of the terrorists has been identified as Frenchman ‘Ismael Mustefai’ who had entered the country as a Refugee with a Syrian passport some time ago.

Terrorists entering Europe hidden among the refugees

In fact, as the modus operandi of the ISIS is becoming clear, the chilling fact is emerging that trained groups of young men are being smuggled in to European nations pretending to be part of the exodus of refugees fleeing from Assad in Syria. This is going to worsen the fate of the millions of homeless refugees who are fleeing from the ISIS in Syria, Libya and other middle eastern countries.

More than four million refugees of the Syrian Civil War have left the country during the course of the war. Most of them fled to neighboring Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq and from there onwards to distant countries like North Africa and Europe.As of February 2015, Turkey has become the world’s biggest refugee hosting country with 2.1 million Syrian refugees and had spent more than US$6 billion on direct assistance to refugees.

G 20 summit begins today

Ironically, it is in Turkey that the G 20 summit of world leaders began today, Naturally the main agenda was the Paris attacks and how to counter this war being waged on the rest of the world by IS. (Islamic State).

As political commentators note, the situation is so fraught with political pot holes that while condemning the attack President Obama could not even utter the word ‘Islamic Terrorists’ because the truth is that Muslims world over are as much victims as perpetrators of terror. Remember, in Syria one branch of Islam is fighting against the other.

Social Media and instant messaging being used by terrorists

As Barissa Ward, senior correspondent of CNN reported. controling the army of terrorists and anticipating their attacks is next to impossible since they use the latest tools of communication like Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

“It is a quagmire out there” she said. “The shared conversations on Instagram are spreading like a runaway Cancer. There is an army of youngsters who are on Social media every night recruiting new ‘volunteers’ and converting others. Youngsters who join are isolated and so completely brainwashed and indoctrinated that no crime is impossible.”

The ongoing refugee tragedy has already de sensitized large populations to human suffering.

Unlike Al Qaeda , this army is more difficult to fight and control since it has the power of a state behind it. They have the Caliphate of Syria.

They have attacked Russia, they have attacked Beirut and they have targeted Baghdad ( Iraq) too. They have as their targets every nation that has opposed the Islamic State and united in the fight against it.

In this scenario it is very difficult to foretell who will be next.

Sunita Mudaliar

Associate Editor