Published On : Wed, Nov 9th, 2016

“Forgotten men and women of USA will no longer be forgotten” promises President elect Trump

Washington/Nagpur: “I just got a call from Senator Hillary Clinton congratulating me… I also congratulated her whole heartedly for fighting a great campaign. She worked very hard and very tirelessly. We all owe her a great debt of gratitude for her service to the country” said the 45th US Elect President Donald Trump in his first speech after his historic win.

He said “We have won collectively” to all his supporters who went in a frenzy chanting “USA” , “USA” over and over again.

Trump said what he as a Republican candidate had not run a campaign but an incredible, great movement. He stressed that Americans of all religions, different colours and different countries of origin had been with him in this ‘movement’. He promised that he was going to be President to all Americans, no matter if they had supported him or not. “I pledge to be President to all Americans” he promised.

Speaking about his plans to ‘rebuild’ USA, he said in his tenure he would take up massive infra structure projects throughout the country that would make America the best and most beautiful nation in the world and would also give employment to many people.

“I will ensure our economy grows; our great untapped potential is tapped and our growth rate doubled. We will be the strongest economy in the world, as we once were.” He continued that not only the nation’s potential but every American’s potential will get an opportunity to be fulfilled.
“It will be a beautiful movement” he stressed on the word beautiful again and again.

He also specifically mentioned Veterans ( ex Army personnel) who had been with him in large numbers.

He spent much of his speech time thanking everyone – from his departed parents, siblings, children, even his Republican competitors.

He called them by name on the stage and invited them to speak as well.

This was a new Donald Trump we saw today – totally gracious, saying he would not look for hostility but peace and friendship with all other nations of the world.