Published On : Sat, Jan 30th, 2016

For Dr Mukesh Chandak, the father, pain will be company for lifetime not the son

Dr Mukesh Chandak

Dr Mukesh Chandak

Nagpur: Saturday the January 30 was moment of agony, anxiety, and relief as well for Dr Mukesh Chandak. He had lost his 8-year old son Yug in macabre manner at the hands of two satanic elements. The verdict in a jam-packed court provided relief of sort to Dr Chandak as the two accused were found guilty and, most probably, could be sent to gallows. However, the so-called relief abysmally failed to shadow the pain Dr Chandak will bear for his entire life. Finding of the accused guilty will not bring back his beloved son back to his arms and talk to him a lot. The agonizing thought stared the face of the father. Even though justice seems to have done in the horrible kidnapping and murder of the 8-year old kid, for the entire Chandak family that was present in the court, the happening could not be wiped out of their minds in a moment. They will remember their beloved Yug till their last breath. This is a bitter reality.

After the court pronounced its verdict in the over one year case, Dr Chandak talked to media personnel and tried to express his views. “The court seems to have taken the matter very seriously. Whatever the quantum of punishment the court hands over to the two killers, we will accept it. But the punishment should be such that the would-be perpetrators in future could be forced to think twice before committing the crime of Yug’s caliber. Entire city condemned the crime in one voice and fought unitedly for justice to the kid. We were having faith in judiciary and the judiciary has not failed us,” asserted the father. Ironically, even though Dr Chandak did not demand any specific punishment to the two devilish convicts, the court premises echoed with high-pitched chorus: Hang the culprits till their death.

Others who were present in the court included paternal aunt of Yug, almost every member of the apartment building who are missing Yug since the past over one year, since September 1, 2014, to be specific and a large number of unknown faces. All wished no less than noose as punishment to the tow killers.

Yug Chandak Case (1)Additional Public Prosecutor Jyoti Vajani, who represented the State, said that the prosecution has sufficiently proved the guilt of the two accused on all three counts – kidnapping, murder and criminal conspiracy – on the basis of unflinching evidence. The court also upheld and relied on the evidence and subsequently found the two accused guilty. “The State Government and prosecution will now make efforts for severest punishment to the two killers. However, further comments could be made only after February 3 sentence,” the said the APP Vajani.

Adv Pradeep Agrawal, representing the two accused, said that several evidences could not be proved in the court. The evidence of footage of CCTV camera was not fully proved. But still the court accepted other evidences and found the accused guilty. The defence will try for lesser punishment to the convicts. The decision to approach the High Court will be decided after the court pronounces the quantum of punishment, said Adv Deshmukh.

adalat ka mahoolThe prosecution submitted unflinching evidence against the accused Rajesh Daware and Arvind Singh. Both of them were charged with brutal murder of an innocent Yug Chandak. All the prosecution witnesses testified against them and endorsed the prosecution story about abduction and murder of Yug by accused for ransom. Rajesh Daware was computer operator at Dr Chandak’s dental clinic and along with his friend Arvind Singh Lokesh Singh, he kidnapped Yug for ransom on September 1, 2014 and later ruthlessly stoned the boy to death on the same day and his face was beyond recognition. The body of Yug was found near a nullah at Patansawangi creating a massive public uproar against perpetrators of heinous crime. More than 10 lakh people, school students have demanded stern punishment to accused who mercilessly killed a young boy.

yug chankad case courtPost-martem report revealed the cause of death as smothering. CCTV footage at petrol pumps, Call details record of ransom call, along with tower location of both the accused from the date of kidnapping till murder have been meticulously recorded and submitted before the court. Prosecution also relied upon DNA reports and memorandum which led to discovery of body and motive of accused to extract huge ransom from Dr Chandak.