Published On : Sun, Aug 10th, 2014

Follow your Goal & Glamour will follow you, views ace film director Milind Ukey

IMG_2735Milind Ukey is the one of fond film-makers who believes in following his own specific genre. With the variety of films like Paathshala, Devaki, Dehradun Diaries and Hanuman to his credit, director and writer Milind Ukey has come a long way experimenting in vivid genres of Indian cinema. About Nagpur, he feels that Vidarbha should become an independent State. So that Nagpur’s talent will get a chance to come up and can take an initiative. Liberal State such as Telangana, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh are developing. Therefore, Vidarbha should get separated and take their decision of their own.

Ukey is quite excited about his upcoming release Ranviir which will hit screens on September 26. In a free-wheeling chat Milind Ukey revealed all about himself and also detailed out on his take on film direction and writing.

The Excerpts

How the journey started?

Did mechanical engineering from VNIT College, Nagpur. Then went for IIT, were I got bore and tried to something different, and entered in the field of Direction by learning for 3 years in FTII, Pune.

First experience was to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali in movies such as Khamoshi, hum dil de chuke sanam as Association Director. In Hanuman worked as Co-Director. Then, I worked as independent director and delivered hits like Paathshala, Devki and so on.

IMG_2758Tell us about Ranviir

Well my upcoming project is a movie named as Ranviir introducing debutant Rishi. This movie is based on Martial Arts which is new kind of genre introducing first time in India. Eight types of Martial Arts are going to be introduced for the first time in India, such as Taekwondo, Kick High, Wrestling, Muit High (Thai Art by elbow and knee) and many more, with professionals from Russia, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Thailand. This form of Art will boost today’s generation and will motivate and help them to learn new form of Arts. “Particularly girls and women should learn Martial Art for their self defense”. This movie is full of entertainment, emotions and meaningful message.

What’s your take on directing & writing?

Entertainment and emotion play vital role in bringing out refined script and direction. Research before making any movie is very important. such as, in Pathshaala, malpractising of the students, atrocities on them was the issue which were discussed by many School principles and teaching staff , way we behave with students, had workshops and tried to convert factual material into image form.

How do you feel about modern breed of young directors

Present Directors are simply awesome. They come with the concept which is meantful, either it may be low budget movie like Lunch Box, Gangs of Wassepur, etc. Meaningful movies will be a hit in coming 5 years, will be appreciated and acceptable by the audience.

Nagpur Today: What expectations from young directors?

Internet made easy to learn cinema. Previously it was difficult. Therefore, explore new techniques of cinema, socially on commercial platform.

Cinema will influence new filmmakers and they should understand the purpose, entertainment and most importantly education through cinema.

What message for Nagpurians?

Focus on your work. Once you achieve the goal, the glamour will come to you, so there is no need to run for the glamour and lastly, be focused.


–        Shipra Jha