Published On : Mon, Mar 9th, 2015

Flawed valuation of answer-papers leaves 70 Polytechnic students in the lurch

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The nagging problem of slipshod valuation of answer papers on the part of teachers for years together has invariably put the students on the edge. Bleak future is staring many students in their faces as the valuation cauldron refuses to cool down. The weapon of revaluation has also not proved an effective tool for the affected students. Around 70 students of Nandanvan-based Nagpur Polytechnic (KDK Branch) have been caught in the nasty web of valuation of answer papers and are demanding revaluation. The students are totally unsatisfied the valuation of their answer papers.

The Polytechnic’s around 30 Second Year and 37 Third Year students of Electrical Branch are questio9ning the valuation of their answer papers. The students said, “Our results were declared in January. Thereafter, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) was approached and complaints were filed against the flawed valuation of their answer-papers. At the same time, we gave applications for revaluation. Further, according to directives, we got the photo copy of answer-papers checked first by college teachers as per rules and then got checked with model answers issued online by MSBTE. On the basis of this checking, marks of every student are increasing in at least 20-25 proportions,” said the students.

The student further charged that the results of revaluation were declared on March 6. But the revaluation was flawed and far from satisfaction. The teachers played spoilsport in valuation itself. They did not check many answers in the answer—papers at all. Several answer-papers had no usage of bar code, lamented the students.