Flats constructed on disputed land, owners given illegal power connections

Nagpur: Fariyaz Hotel Private Limited Company situated at Khamla which constructed residential flats is alleged to given power connection to the flat owners without the permission of MSEDCL. As per the RTI information the power distribution company had given just one connection to to Fariyaz Hotel Private Limited on 21-12-2012. As per the rule the power connection is given in the name of the flat owner and so the power connection given by the owner of this building to flat owners is illegal. Fariyaz Hotel Private Limited Company has given the power connection to flat owners from its meter which is in company’s name. In January the company received a bill of Rs 3,21580. From this it is clear that the company has done all the illegal work.

The most interesting part of the story is that the residential building constructed on the land Kharsra number (82 to 89) by Fariyaz Hotel Private Limited Company is illegal as per the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT).

The NIT had not given the permission to Fariyaz Hotel Private Limited Company to construct the buildingnor has it given no objection certificate (NOC) for the water meter, electricity meter. It has not given the right to sale the apartments despite this the company has been selling the flats.

The land were the Fariyaz building has been constructed is on disputed land which belongs to NIT. Every time the NIT has been sending notices to the company which proves that the building is illegal.

According to RTI activist T H Naidu, the buidling has been constructed keeping all the rules at bay. The rules have been flouted at every step by Fariyaz Hotel Private Limited.