First Pics on Nagpur Today as Forest dept confirms presence of tiger in Mihan

Nagpur : As panic looms large over the presence of full grown tiger in Mihan area, the wildest of fears finally came true for all those frequenting Mihan area of Nagpur, particularly the employees commuting through the sprawling campus during night time.

Yes, the tiger is very much there and is captured in the camera.

As the news was confirmed by the Forest Department, the curiosity among the employees working in various companies in Mihan premises only grew multifold. Earlier with the pug marks it was assumed that the animal, which was first spotted by a security guard, might be a leopard.

But with the tiger surfacing in the cameras installed in the Mihan premises by the forest department, things got pretty clear.

Nagpur Today got the first pictures of the tiger captured in the camera installed by the department. This has not only put an end to all the rumours but has also raised concerns among the employees.

Though few people go walking in the premises, those moving through two-wheelers are at greater risk in view of the presence of this huge striped cat.

Meanwhile, the wildlife lovers and environmentalists appear baffled on what led the tiger to enter the territory through bushy forest areas.