Published On : Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015

First day of strike called by SNDL Vendors has due impact


In continuation with their threat to go to stop work, all the employees of Vendors working for SNDL had stopped working from midnight of January 21, 2015.

On January 22, 2105, all the Vendors had assembled at 10.00 am at the office of SNDL at Narang Tower, Civil Lines to protest against SNDL for non-payment of Vendor’s outstanding dues. All the workers of vendors SNDL who had stopped working claimed that the work has been totally hampered.

The offices at Narang Tower, Chapru Nagar, Tulsibag and Manewada of SNDL were non-performing on January 22, 2015 due to strong protest by the 700 of vendor staff. On Thursday, too all the vendors occupied the SNDL office and demanded the SNDL’s authorities to make their outstanding payments.

All the vendors again and again requested the authorities to settle the issue as many of the consumers’ complaints are not being attended properly in time and unnecessarily the citizens of Nagpur are suffering for no fault of theirs.

SNDL yields to demands
Later in the afternoon the SNDL authorities convinced their corporate office to intervene and a payment proposal as detailed below has been offered to all the vendors.

  • SNDL is ready to pay 50% of old SPANCO outstanding immediately and remaining in 30 days after reconciliation.
  • Secondly all the present outstanding before 60 days would be paid immediately and later in due course of time.

The Vendors welcomed the step taken by SNDL management, since this management till January 21, 2015 had disowned the old liability of SPANCO period and now they are willing to pay the said outstanding.

The vendors while discussing with Business Head of SNDL Sonal Khurana and Mukesh Dhingra had conveyed that:

  • All the old outstanding of SPANCO period to be paid in full immediately, necessary reconciliation to be done immediately.
  • Secondly all the present outstanding as per terms and conditions of respective contracts should be paid immediately.
  • All the penalties deducted unnecessarily from the vendors payment to be refunded and penalty to be deducted only after due verification of facts and with the consent of the vendors.
  • Around 25 vendors have expressed displeasure in continuing work with Essel group and hence these vendors have sought full and final payment immediately.

It is noticed from the news released by SNDL, that the vendors are pressing for unnecessary demands from SNDL. The vendors while clarifying that they are not demanding anything more than what is rightfully theirs and as stated above. They claimed that they are only demanding the payments for the work that has been carried out by them for SNDL.

The vendors will be meeting SNDL on January 23, 2015 to discuss the issue and to resolve the deadlock.

However, the vendors have decided to continue their protest further till the payments are received in full.

The vendors have once again appealed the valuable citizens to excuse them for the inconvenience caused to them.