Published On : Tue, Mar 31st, 2015

Firing in Panchpaoli area; No one hurt in the firing



Sensation prevailed in Panchpaoli area when some unidentified youth fired at the two young men identified as Jogender Singh Dillo and Goldy who were sitting in the Indica Manza Car bearing RTO Registration No MH-40/AC 8941 at Patankar Square on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. However, the youth in the car did not get injured in the firing. Sources claimed that the attackers were on two vehicles. The vehicles are identified as Black Coloured Audi 6060 and a Tata Safari (with Shiv Sena inscribed on it).


DSC_6621Jogender Singh Dillo went along with his friends to Tuli Mall or Jaswant Mall. There he brushed past Tinku Bhatia. Tinku Bhatia had allegedly asked Jogender Dillo whether he knows who he is and can’t he see where he is walking. Jogender asked “Who are you”?  At that Tinku had allegedly claimed that he is the brother in law (Sala) of Little Sardar. Jogender said to Tinku that he may be anybody, he does not care. This irked Tinku. He then informed his Brother-in-Law (Jijaji) Little Sardar about this act by Jogender Singh Dillo.

DSC_6637Little Sardar came along with his friends to Tuli Mall and hit the car of Jogender Singh Dillo with a sword. Jogender Singh thought it wise to escape the scene, so he went in his car along with his friend towards Patankar Square. Little Sardar too followed him like in a movie style. At Patankar Square, he fired four shots at Jogender Singh Dillo.

Though the incident of firing occurred at Patankar square falling within the jurisdiction of Jaripatka Police Station, since the incident started with a quarrel in Jaswant Mall falling in the jurisdiction of Panchpaoli Police Station, the case is registered in Panchpaoli Police Station.

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