Published On : Mon, May 25th, 2015

Find the key to your questions- JEE Advanced (Paper-1 Analysis) & Code-0 Answers

The students who have been in search of the correct answers and comparative analysis for their recently held IIT-JEE, the search might just end here.

Paper 1 analysis & Code on behalf of Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, Director, Aakash Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. have been provided as follows, with an intention to help the future aspirants perform better.

JEE Advanced (Paper-1) 2015

Overall Paper-1 of JEE Advanced 2015 was of moderate difficulty level as compared to previous years. Out of the three subjects, Mathematics portion had lengthier calculations, which posed a . Paper was more theoretical rather than application based as is the case usually. An average student with focused JEE coaching would have been able to attempt the questions with reasonable effort.

However, the Paper-1 exam did see some drift in the question pattern. To summarise, each subject had 20 questions with 3 sections, making a total of 60 Qs carrying a total of 264 marks. Following is the break-up of each section:
Section 1: 8 Integer Type Questions (0-9 answer) with +4 for correct answer & zero for incorrect answer. Max Marks of this section: 32
Section 2: 10 Multiple Correct Answer Type Questions with +4 for correct answer & -2 for incorrect answer. Max Marks of this section: 40
Section 3: 2 Matrix Match Type Questions with partial marking of +2 for correct response & -1 for incorrect response. Max Marks of this section: 16

Following is the subject-wise summary:

Physics (Paper-I)
The Physics Paper-I, JEE (Advanced)-2015 is at par with the level expected in JEE (Advanced). The questions were good and required a proper knowledge of the subject as well as mathematical skill to solve it in the stipulated time allotted.

Few questions had calculations while others involved critical thinking skill. Modern physics has formed a major part with 24 marks. Overall Optics and Modern Physics dominated the paper.
It usually happens in JEE (Advanced) that some of the topics dominate in the paper while others in the second paper.

Since there was a 50% negative marking in most of the questions, it is very likely that most of the students score low. The old format of matrix match has been repeated with one option matching with many. This made the paper lengthy. Overall paper is upto the level usually asked. There were no ambiguous or confusing questions. So, a brilliant student could score very well.

Chemistry (Paper-I)
Chemistry question Paper-I for JEE (Advanced)-2015 was overall a tough paper. Most of the questions required critical and analytical thinking. An average student can score 20-25% of the marks.

The paper was equally balanced among physical, organic and inorganic Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry was majorly covered within the NCERT textbook. Marking scheme in exam increased the difficulty level because this year multiple correct option questions as well as multiple option matrix match had negative marking.

Mathematics (Paper-I)
The paper pattern for JEE (Advanced)-2015 is different from the last year. This year paper has 3 sections, namely integer based, multiple choice answer type and matrix match type questions. Matrix match type was multiple correct options which were used to ask in JEE before 2012. Weightage of XII class syllabus was very high (about 64%). Overall paper was very lengthy and calculative type.