Published On : Mon, Jun 7th, 2021

Filmy-style drama: “Suicide bomber” tries to loot bank in Sewagram, held

Nagpur: In a filmy style drama, a “suicide bomber” tried to loot Central Bank of India branch at Sewagram near Nagpur by threatening to blow himself up if he was given Rs 55 lakh within 15 minutes. The drama was enacted on Friday afternoon. The crazy man is now cooling his heels behind the bars.

The Sewagram Branch of Central Bank of India on Friday witnessed high-voltage drama when the accused Yogesh Kubade, face covered with mask, entered the bank waving a gun around 3 pm. The gun wielding Yogesh handed over a letter to a bank staffer to be given to the Branch Manager. In the letter, he demanded Rs 55 lakh for medical treatment as he was seriously ill. The crazy accused also said that he would die within 40 days if he is not treated.

The letter handed over to the Branch Manager by the accused Yogesh Kubade said that he was a “suicide bomber” and the bomb has been activated. The bomb will go off in 15 minutes. “You have 15 minutes to meet my demand. There is nothing in my life to lose. Don’t infor police or raise an alarm. Do it fast or the bomb will blow everyone,” the letter said.

Since the bank is situated right in front of Sewagram Police Station, two cops rushed to the bank on being alerted and pounced on Yogesh. Initially he tried to escape on seeing police but was overpowered.

Sewagram police said that the accused Yogesh Kubade, who runs a cyber cafe, used POP powder, plastic bottles, and wires to resemble a real bomb. But it took no time for the cops to identify the bomb as a fake one. Police have seized a knife, an air pistol and some other material from him.