Female cop faces sexual harassment at police station!

Nagpur: A female subordinate at a police station in West Nagpur has been subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of a senior cop, the media reports stated on Wednesday. If reports are to be believed a naik police constable has made sexual advances towards the survivor who is much younger than him. As the matter came to light the male constable was shifted from the post whereas no offence was registered against him.

As per the report published in ToI, city police were rattled by similar allegations against an officer of inspector rank. The officer, also not booked as yet, was shifted to control room from the police station where he served. It was learnt that the officer used to use foul language in the presence of women colleagues. He used to also speak in suggestive ways, much to the annoyance of women cops of the police station.

City police have within a year witnessed two incidents where inspectors were booked for sexual harassment. In the latest incident, zonal DCP Vivek Masal took prompt action against the naik constable by transferring him to another police station, and also asked the senior inspector of the police station to conduct an inquiry. “There was no delay in dealing with the complaint.

The complainant does not want to register an offence at this point of time,” he said. It’s learnt the naik constable was entrusted with the allotment of duties at the police station. Due to the nature of the duty, he had to interact with all colleagues. He used to engage in lighthearted banter outside of work issues with the woman cop, who is learnt to be getting engaged soon.

The incident took place when the woman cop was alone at the police station, which has been constructed around two years ago. The woman cop was seated in one of the cubicles at the police station. In the afternoon hours, police stations are generally not much crowded as senior officers take a couple of hours of lunch break at this time.

The male constable is learnt to have sneaked into the cubicle where the woman cop was seated alone. He fled the spot after misbehaving with the woman colleague, as she immediately protested against the senior colleague’s unexpected behaviour.