Published On : Thu, Apr 27th, 2017

Fate of Meet : Nagpur’s Education Deptt plays mute spectator to whims of CBSE schools

Nagpur: Even the meeting between Nagpur division’s deputy director of education (DDE) Anil Pardhi and principals of CBSE schools ended on an ‘amicable’ note, the worried parents are still wondering about what transpired in the meeting and what finally was the outcome.

Without coming up on the clarity before the parents the meeting was brought to a ‘set’ end, while nothing was known about the state education department’s take on issues like whopping fees hike, selling of books and uniforms through schools or through selected vendors and validity of Parents-Teachers Association in various schools.

The Deputy Director of Education, Nagpur division, Anil Pardhi appears to be reluctant in bringing out a strong word against these schools.

Mukta Chatterjee, executive director of Centre Point Group of Schools said that “clarity was sought, and given, over various issues”. “CBSE schools in city have always abided by the rules and by-laws, and we have assured education officials that this will continue.”

Pardhi told schools that all provisions of the law have to be followed so that there is no scope for “grievances”. “Our circular is not intended to harass or be vindictive,” he said.

Senior academician Neeru Kapai said the schools also sought clarity on some points. “This meeting helped to create a platform for future discussions on issues that would benefit students and parents.”

On the point of using NCERT books only, schools put forth their concerns over supply problems which can disrupt an academic session. Also, if schools were to download and print a book which could run into a hundred pages, who would bear the cost?

Pardhi informed the principals that CBSE “by-laws state that schools must use NCERT books as far as possible”. But as a matter of fact, many schools are still continuing with the sale of books at schools and that too from other publishers.

“An English being book sold by Narayana Vidyalayam has been priced as high as Rs 650. The publisher of this book is ofcourse not NCERT,” complains a parent.

Moreover many other schools which expressed ‘satisfaction’ over the meeting is still on with sale of books and uniforms in their premises.

However these schools had in the meeting assured the education department that all rules regarding school fee hike would be implemented.

The DDE said he will take “follow-ups” with the CBSE schools.

The department said the squads which will visit CBSE schools will not be a “surprise one”. Sanjay Nagre, an education official who too was present in the meeting, said, “Schools will be intimated in writing about the visit and names of officials coming there will also be shared.”

CBSE not against on-campus book sale if it is optional

CBSE’s recent circular on ‘commercialization’ is not to be construed as a complete ban on sale of textbooks and uniforms on campus, according to a CBSE official who did not wish to be named. He said the central board was against schools charging exorbitant rates and doing business out of the sale. The official agreed that if schools provided uniform and book counters as an extra facility to parents along with full rights to parents to purchase the same product from elsewhere, then it can be permitted.