Published On : Wed, Feb 17th, 2016

Fascism 2016 – ‘Lawyers’ beating up journalists again at Patiala House; again police inaction

patliaNagpur: What is happening in Delhi, the capital of India?

What we are seeing unfolding on TV screens in Patiala House court premises where Kanhaiya was to be produced are appalling, shocking and no expected in a ” vibrant pro-youth Democracy” like India.

This is what a BJP Minister, said on air this morning “Modi is very youth centric, he is very popular among young Indians and he will do nothing to harm their interest!”

But now, it is not just a question of the youth and their rights as students. It has gone much beyond that.

What we are witnessing is of all people, lawyers taking law into their own hands, that too on court premises, and the Police, who are supposed to be in control of law and order, just watching and turning a blind eye.

As a journalist, Meenakshi, who was roughed up some minutes ago, said to ‘Times Now’
” Cannot believe, this is happening in broad daylight, in the middle of Delhi, in a court, where both the lawyers and police are acting lawless with utter disregard to even Supreme Court orders!”

This morning, these very lawyers had profusely apologized for their behaviour on Monday and promised to not repeat it. They had begged for forgiveness with tears in their eyes. Turns out they were crocodile tears, because after repeating their misdemeanours today had the temerity to say they were not ashamed in the least of what they have done.

What is most shocking was the list of 25 journalists who would attend the Patiala house proceedings was cleared by the Supreme Court itself and Delhi police were instructed that they were to ensure these journalists were allowed to do their duty. They all had Supreme Court passes, since they normally cover the Apex court. Despite this, they were roughed up, like Meenakshi. dragged inside, their phones snatched from them, visuals erased, phones even formated and they were pushed out. There was either no police in sight when this happened, or like mentioned before, they did nothing.

It is clear that many of the same lawyers are indulging in this ‘State sponsored?’ hooliganism since they no action was taken against them till now.

As Senior Advocate Prashant Bhushan opined ” this is outrageous, lawless and unpardonable…BJP ideology lawyers are being allowed to get away with murder, literally”.

The question to ask is – why are Nagpur main stream journalists and lawyers silent about this? Why this ultra national lawlessness is not being condemned as it should be?

…Sunita Mudaliar – Associate Editor