Published On : Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015

Farmer commits suicide at AAP rally

farmer-sucide-aap-rallyNew Delhi.

A man committed suicide at the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rally held here on Wednesday to oppose the Central government’s Land Acquisition Bill. Here are the live updates:

Gajendra’s body is now being sent for post-mortem, say police sources.

RML’s chief medical officer has told media that Gajendra, the man who attempted suicide at the AAP rally, was in fact brought dead to the hospital.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia have also arrived at the RML Hospital.

Congress leader Ajay Maken has arrived at the RML Hospital, where the man who attempted suicide during the AAP rally was admitted.

Meanwhile, reports say the man who attempted suicide at the AAP rally has died at the RML Hospital.

  • AAP will raise three points: a) consent of farmer for taking land; b) implementation of Swaminathan report; and c) proper compensation far destroyed crops
  • The Centre should implement the Swaminathan report. I have asked the Chief Secretary to find out if we can implement it in Delhi – Kejriwal
  • The need of the hour is that farmers across the country unite.
  • Why are farmers selling land? Because they don’t get good price for their produce.
  • If farmers have been forced to sell their land, that doesn’t mean you start snatching land from them – Kejriwal
  • If that’s not the case, then this Ordinance was brought for the lobby of the super-rich
  • The country wants to know, was this Ordinance brought to help a stalled project?
  • What was the urgency and emergency behind bringing this Land Ordinance? Was it aimed at helping a super-rich? asks Kejriwal
  • Farmers have also shown that they are against this Ordinance
  • Many parties are agitating against Land Ordinance
  • The BJP government has brought an Ordinance which says that land can be acquired without farmers’ consent – Kejriwal
  • Farmers have realised that this government is pro-rich and anti-poor
  • What has happened in one year of Modi government that India’s farmer has lost faith in the BJP as well as Narendra Modi – Kejriwal
  • Arvind Kejriwal is now addressing the AAP rally against Land Ordinance.
  • We are taking details of this matter, will comment on it when I get all information, says Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi
  • A news channel has gained access to the suicide letter written by the man who attempted suicide. Gajendra, the youth, wrote in the letter which he threw to the ground from the tree, “I am the son of a farmer. I hail from Nangal Jhalawar in Rajasthan’s Dausa. My father kicked me out of the house after my crop got damaged. I have three children but I don’t have any work. Tell me how should I go back home.”
  • The man who tried to commit suicide at AAP rally has been admitted to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in central Delhi.
  • The AAP rally is, meanwhile, continuing as per schedule despite the incident. All prominent AAP leaders are also on the stage.
  • In a shocking development, a youth tried to commit suicide at the venue of AAP’s ongoing rally at Jantar Mantar. Reports said the man tried to hang himself from a tree. As soon as he was noticed attempting to commit suicide, AAP volunteers climbed the tree and brought him down. The man has been taken to a hospital in a serious condition.
  • We sill not sit silent, will continue to agitate till this Land Bill is withdrawn, says Sanjay Singh.
  • How can the PM sleep when farmers are committing suicide, asks Kumar Vishwas at the rally.
  • The country needs industries as well as farmers, says AAP’s Ashish Khetan.