Published On : Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

Farah Khan Ali: A jewel designer who aims at imaginative creation, perfection, admirable quality


Farah Khan Ali

Farah Khan Ali


A renowned Jewellery Designer and Gemologist par excellence popularly known as Farah Khan Ali whose while speaking in an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today said that she is a qualified Gemologist and that she has done a course in Gemology at the renowned Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California in 1992. She added with modesty that she had graduated at the top of her class with 97%.

Nature inspires me: Farah Khan Ali

A conversation with Farah Khan Ali will immediately project an image of an elegant lady who is creatively inclined. One can observe that her visual perception of nature stimulates her senses and inspires her to visualize designs of jewellery.

In her conversation she told Nagpur Today that she travels round the globe and during her tour, she observes nature with an inner eye-sight or perspective.

She added that Nature inspires her. She said that one can see that most of my designs are inspired and take the form or shape of Natural forms, floral shapes, Architecture, Artistic shapes or Historic monuments.

While relating her style of designing, Farah Khan claimed that there is a story behind every jewellery designed by her. She often tells her elite customers about the story and concept behind every design. She claims that one can see designs of animals, plants, trees, natural shapes, exotic birds, etc.

Farah claimed that she or her staff does not believe in modifying other’s design and making them their own. She believes in creative original designs. This necessarily means bring the concept in her mind to the drawing board. She said that she has a brain storming session with her staff. Then a design is translated into drawings. She added that the Farah Khan Ali Jewellery manufacture is done in a site of 9200 square feet.

Farah told that her company’s tag-line is “Where precious becomes priceless”.

She said that quality is really important to win the trust of the clientele. Winning the trust of the customers enhances the brand value. The customers can see for themselves the novelty of the design and will establish a long-term relationship with Farah Khan. Farah claimed that it has been 22 years since she formed the company.

She also said that she has designed for some of the top Bollywood celebrities and people from India’s foremost business families however she insists on being a perfectionist. She aspires and strives to please her clientele by maintaining a high quality control, perfection and uniqueness in her designs which gains the trust of her clients. Farah said that jewellery is something precious and carries with it memories that last for many generations. Many hand-over their jewellery as priceless family handloom down the generations.

Today women like to be experimental and adventurous

While speaking about the change of the style and preference of today’s fast-paced women, she said that women like to be experimental or adventurous in trying out different styles and jewels. The women today prefer Hath Pool (Bracelets), Ear-cuffs etc.

Farah’s advice to Nagpur women

Her advice to the women of the city is that women should wear jewellery because it enhances their beauty. However, it should not become the other way round where jewellery wears you. She also claimed that there should be a balance maintained for accentuating the beauty. While a simple dress with a magnificent piece of jewellery will draw the right kind of attention and can establish a uniqueness of her appearance. She claimed that women today prefer jewels that have multi-wearability. Farah experiments with multi-coloured gems. Farah told Nagpur Today that she likes to play with precious and multi-coloured gemstones. She calls it creating an object of beauty and desire. She also advices women to invest in other precious gems like Emeralds, Rubies, Rubilets, Tanzanites, Saphires etc. She said that diamond has taken a hit badly with the demand for other gems going up.

She advised city women buy jewellery that has maximum wear i.e. can be worn for many occasions and more often. However, instead of buying many cheaper jewellery, buy one good quality unique jewel that can get its due attention and recognition.


Launch of new range under Farah Khan Amor brand

Farah said that presently her brand of Farah Khan Ali Collections cater to clientele who buy jewellery worth Rs 5 lakhs and above. Come February, Farah is going to launch Farah Khan Amor brand which will cater to the Upper Middle Class women, the On-line customers and other young women who would like to invest in jewellery. She said that the range will be from Rs 20,000/ to Rs 1, 50,000/-.

She claimed that she never replicates her designs especially any jewellery costing above Rs 5 lakhs. However, jewellery costing below 5 lakhs may get replicated may be 2 or three.

Her fast paced life

She undertakes various assignments including designing customized jewellery. Giving bridal consultations are her favourite if she gets time from her busy schedule. Farah Khan is a globe trotter and her brand has a huge international recognition. In-fact by the end of this month, Farah will be attending to the Vicenza Oro International Jewellery and Gem Fair. Only 12 internationally acclaimed designers are called to participate in this fair.
As told to Samuel Gunasekharan