Published On : Thu, Sep 1st, 2016

“Fakt Tujhyach Saathi” is, in fact, for all movie buffs

Fakt Tujhya Sathi
: Marathi movie actors Yash Kapoor, Leena Bokefode, Ankita Tare were in the city for the pre-launch event of “Fakt Tujhyach Saathi”.

Whenever a young man from Nagpur succeeds in any field, a part of us rejoices. One such boy from our city Yash Kapoor has entered into a formidable field of acting aka Bollywood.

In his debut role in Marthi movie Fakt Tujhyach Saathi, he plays the role of a young man who is born and brought up in rural area. However, he undergoes a sea of change when he goes to pursue his higher education and career in the nearby urban area. There he falls in love with a girl who is modern in outlook and lives a lifestyle of modern urban woman.

However, keeping in sync with the age old tradition of Indian culture, his parents search and finalize a girl from the village who not only takes care of the old parents but is an efficient home-maker. His father who rules the roost in their house warns him of Yash even thinking of marrying any urban girl. With a sad heart, he accepts his fate and marries the village belle but has his heart on the modern urban girl played by Leena Bokefode.

The movie with Associate Producer Anubhav Vinod Sinha (from Nagpur) is about the tug-of-war that goes on in the heart and mind of Yash. Marathi movie “Fakt Tujhyach Saathi” is featuring a concept of live-in relationship and arranged marriages. Fakt Tujhyach Saathi is a Marathi movie which is all set to release on September 2, 2016. The 130 minutes movie is a drama. The movie is presented by Yash Film Vision, Produced by Kanak Patel, Rajendra Rawat, Milind Pande and Omprakash Singh and Associate Producer Anubhav Vinod Sinha. The movie is written and directed by S Pyarelal and S R Jagannath.

Fakt Tujhya Sathi

The cast of the movie are Siya Patil, Yash Kapoor, Leena Bokefode, Ankita Tare, Nafe Khan, Hetal Rathod, Vilas Ujawane and Anjali Ujawane.

Political leaders including MLA from West Nagpur constituency Sudhakar Deshmukh, Former MLC and Head of NGO Vanrai Foundation Girish Gandhi, and Mayor of Nagpur Praveen Datke had taken out time to wish the city boy Yash Kapoor for entering into a formidable territory of movies and making an impact in his debut film.

While interacting with Nagpur Today, reputed Marathi movie and TV serial actor Dr Vilas Ujawane said that he hails from Nagpur but has shifted to Mumbai. However, just as Pandhari is a pilgrim for every Marathi brethren, Mumbai is the Pandhari for all Kalakars (actors). He went on to claim that it is good to see new faces in the Marathi movies. He claimed that he has acted in over 100 movies and dramas. He further said that for once all the star cast of the movie were picked and chosen by the Producers and Directors. Each essayed the role given to them with all their sincerity and honesty. He spoke of the hard work done by Yash Kapoor in learning the dialogues in Marathi. He claimed that one night he got up to drink water and saw Yash learning the dialogues in Marathi so that he can perform well in the shoot scheduled next morning.

Fakt Tujhya Sathi
While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Miss Maharashtra-2014 and Miss Raigarh 2013 Ankita Tare said that she has had a chance to act in Hindi movies and serials too. She claimed that Marathi movies too are now matching up to Hindi movies. In fact Marathi movies like “Sairat” did very well and received critical acclaim. While speaking about her sensuous dance number in the movie “Fakt Tujhyach Saathi” cannot be termed as Item number but a club house dance number. She said that the dance was choreographed by Rahul Kamble.

Ankita said that if one has the confidence, any boy or girl can succeed in any field he or she chooses. One should identify and work on their innate talents and capacities. One may never know when one gets an opportunity to display or showcase their talents at the right platform.

The actress who played the role of vixen (urban girl) in the movie Leena Bokefode said that her role is to act as a temptress and she thinks that she had played her role well.

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While speaking to Nagpur Today, Associate Producer Anubhav Vinod Sinha said that he intends to give a chance to every talented youth from Nagpur to act in Bollywood movies or Marathi movies. He intends to start an Acting and Dancing Academy in Mumbai soon to groom the talented youth from Nagpur so that they too can try their luck in movies. He said that it is all about the right contacts with the right people and many can get an opportunity to act in the movies. However, he claimed that one has to work hard on all the qualities necessary for acting in movies.
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