Fake Drive : Did Maruti dealer “Arena” really sell 500 cars during Ganesh fest?

Nagpur: At a time when the Indian economy is witnessing one of its worst slowdown phases, with all the major sectors including auto and real estate taking the big hit, getting a news of effervescent sale of Maruti vehicles at one of the Nagpur’s Maruti Suzuki dealerships appears to be a hard thing to believe.

On Wednesday, an article was published in a city’s leading English daily with heading “Maruti Suzuki Arena delivers 500 cars during Ganesh festival“.

Chancing upon the headline made us a bit curious, and an immediate question popped up our mind was – Is it really so? Or just a fake buzz to create sale pitch? or paid news may be?

To verify the claims of Maruti Suzuki dealer “Arena” with its showroom at amravati road, Nagpur Today spoke to concerned persons from RTO to dealer and here is what we got.

The official data received from the RTO appears just opposite to the claim.

During September 1 and 11, i.e. the actual Ganesh Festival in 2019 total 780 vehicles were registered with RTO comprising 600 two-wheelers and 150 four-wheelers. This really put serious questions on the authenticity of the article published on behalf of Maruti Suzuki Arena which claims to have sold over 500 cars during the said period.

When officials of Maruti Suzuki Arena were contacted, they came up with a rather ‘smart correction’ in the article, saying that what by Ganesh Festival they mean the festival season and it starts from the month of August.

However, the RTO statistics show a total of 2830 registration between the month of August and September 11. With 2050 vehicles registered in August 1470 were two-wheelers and 440 were four-wheelers, not to mentioned other categories.

Where auto sector is witnessing drastic fallout, Maruti Suzuki dealer “Arena” claimed that out of 590 four-wheelers registered with RTO between the month of August and September 11, more than 500 vehicles were sold by them, then they must have pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

By Shubham Nagdeve