Published On : Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016

Fadnavis betrayed Vidarbha people by his “Akhand” statement in Assembly: Muttemwar

Satish Chaturvedi, Vilas Muttemwar and nitin Raut
The statement of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis that he is Chief Minister of “Akhand” Maharashtra and there is no proposal for separate Vidarbha came under fire from a cross section of Vidarbha protagonists. Terming the statement as unfortunate and betrayal of people of Vidarbha, former Union Minister Vilas Muttemwar said that it is an example how the power makes a man helpless and miserable when it comes to sticking to the avowed principles.

“Fadnavis who was a diehard supporter of separate Vidarbha and had declared in every point meeting that development of Vidarbha through special packages or making a MLA from the region as Chief Minister of Maharashtra would not suffice and the development would be done only by carving out a separate state has freed himself from the responsibility after taking the oath. After so many years a man from Vidarbha became the Chief Minister and people of the region waited for 20 months in the hope that Vidarbha State would now be a reality. But the hopes and aspirations were shattered by the unfortunate statement Fadnavis made in Assembly on Tuesday. The statement that ‘carving of Vidarbha State is under the authority of Central Government. State has no right’ has betrayed the hopes of the people,” Muttemwar lamented.

“I have worked as an MP and Fadnavis as MLA from 1999 to 2004. Even he was in opposition, I had admired him for his astuteness, clean character, studious nature. But all the hopes of justice from himhave been washed away. When a General shakes hands with enemy, the people face enormous difficulties. Vidarbha people are caught in the same situation,” Muttemwar quipped.

Satish Chaturvedi, Vilas Muttemwar and nitin Raut (1)
“BJP had passed a resolution for creation of Vidarbha State in 1996. But when there was no such demand, even then Chhatisgarh along with two other smaller states were created by the party. However, Vidarbha was not created by giving reason that Shiv Sena was opposed to it and they are their ally. On the other hand, the BJP which pursued the demand for separate Vidarbha continuously did not spare an opportunity to criticize Congress on the issue. Now those who said that give them power once then they will create Vidarbha. There will be no dishonesty in carving out the state. But now the party is taking a U-Turn. This saddens me immensely,” Muttemwar said.

“What to say about Nitin Gadkari. He shouted from roof tops that he is ‘Mard ka Baccha. Firm on words.’ Now that ‘Mard’ is not even uttering the name of Vidarbha” the former Union Minister said sarcastically.

The Chief Minister Fadnavis and his party are fooling and misleading people of Vidarbha. Even if people are innocent they are not insane. Everything is pardoned in “Janata Darbar” but betrayal is never pardoned. Fadnavis and his party will face this reality soon, Muttemwar warned.