Published On : Fri, Oct 22nd, 2021
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Fad for ‘Blue Tick’ on Facebook, Instagram may spell doom for users: Ajeet Parse.

Dalals are on the prowl to trap users. Account could get blocked permanently.

Nagpur: Nowadays, receiving Blue Tick on social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – is being considered as a pride for oneself. Followers of Facebook or Instagram emerge as legitimate users by posting and writing messages of social interest. However, for providing Blue Tick to such users, brokers or hackers have become active on social media with ulterior motives. If one tries to get Blue Tick with the help of these brokers, he or she faces the risk of permanent block if the fact comes to the knowledge of expert teams of Facebook or Instagram. Possibility of financial cheating is also being apprehended by the experts in the field.

Today’s scenario shows that a user in every age group depends on Facebook, Instagram for seeking information or entertainment. Such users include businessmen, political leaders, and professionals. Now, Blue Tick given by Facebook galores. Dwelling on this aspect, Ajeet Parse, Social Media Analyst and Strategist, says that bagging this Blue Tick is being considered a feat for social media users.

Those users are found eligible for receiving Blue Tick who always post good, socially oriented write ups adhering to Facebook norms and receiving good response from the followers. But, nowadays, dalals or hackers are on the prowl in the social media to arm you with Blue Tick. These dalals usurp money between Rs 30,000 and Rs 1 lakh from those users who try to get Blue Tick within a short time. “These dalals trap users with the lure of publishing their write up in online English portals across the country and then seek users’ login and passwords.

These fraudsters demand money in advance from users after seeking Wikipedia information and email. In these shady deals, possibility of cheating is on the greater scale and the victims could be those who are trying to get Blue Tick even though they are not legible. The self image gets dented if the person on social media is a big politician or businessman. Possibility of financial loot is also cannot be ruled out.

Short term write up, reports, or paid publicity doesn’t work for receiving Blue Tick. On the contrary, it will lead to ending one’s existence in social media,” cautioned Parse. “Users could get rattled if they get Blue Tick on a temporary basis as their account could be deleted permanently if the expert teams of social media come to know about the users’ dubious acts,” the Social Media Analyst and Strategist added.

Dalal’s bid boomeranged:

Dalals know that they have provided Blue Tick to an ineligible user. These very dalals then resort to blackmailing the users and extort money from them again. If the users refuse to pay money, these dalals give information to Facebook about such users. This may lead to blocking of Facebook accounts of the users.

“The easiest way to get Blue Tick is that the users should gain publicity in social media as well as increasing public relations online. Form of Facebook is filled online. Blue Tick is not provided if the post profile contained subjects on religion and extremism. No social media gives offers nor sends email, messages for receiving Blue Tick. Hence the users should not fall prey to dalals and dent their image.”

– Ajeet Parse, Social Media Analyst and Strategist.