Published On : Tue, Jun 25th, 2013
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‘Faculty Leadership Development Program’ successfully organized by SAEINDIA

SAEINDIA, a society for Automotive Engineering for Advancing Mobility Land, Sea, Air and Space had organized a two day workshop on ‘Faculty Leadership Development Program’ dated  21st and 22nd June, 2013 at the Seminar Hall of Priyadarshini College Of Engineering, Mechanical Department.

SAEINDIA being an Advancing Mobility Society organizes competitions such as BAJA SAE India that is initiated with an intention to gear up the Aspiring Automobile Engineers and encourage them henceforth in this sphere. Not just the Automobile Engineers, but also the Engineers who intend to carry on with their higher studies in this sphere reap the benefits of such competitions immensely. BAJA inculcates the students to gain practical knowledge about Technical Education, as also termed as ‘Ground Zero’.

One of the key motives of this workshop cum Pre-Meet is to assist the Faculty of various Engineering Colleges from all over India who are planning to participate in BAJA SAE India with their team of students is to make them aware of the aspects needed to be stressed upon while studying Automotive Engineering, and provide them the information about the platforms to gain practical knowledge. In this way, the SAEINDIA organizing committee acquainted the guest faculties with the needs and proper guidance required in order to prepare their teams for competitions like BAJA.

Faculty of Engineering from all over India witnessed the Meet and apparently participated actively in the discussions with the speakers.

The Meet was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. K.G.Shenoy, VP, Operations, M&M Ltd, along with MP Singh, Pricipal, Priyadarshini College Of Engineering. The introduction about SAE INDIA and BAJA SAEINDIA was presented by Dr. K.C.Vora, Asst Director, ARAI.

The other articulate speakers present were Mr. Sanjay Nibandhe, DGM Head, R&D, Mahindra & Mahindra, along with Mr. Rajeev Mokashi, Automotive Design Consultant and Mr. Anshuman Vagesh, Manager, R&D, Mahindra & Mahindra. Prof Sudhir Gupte briefed the gathering about the Dronacharya Award that is presented as a notable award at the BAJA SAEINDIA.

Altogether the workshop ended on a remarkable note, wherein the Engineering Faculty from all over India applauded and cherished the presence of all the speakers, and the initiatives taken by the organizers.