Published On : Wed, Jul 8th, 2015

Example of the civic apathy at Chinchbhavan as Trailer stranded for 7 days raises eyebrows

Nagpur: It is more than a week since a trailer-truck, carrying a heavy part of machinery being transported from Nagpur Airport to Wardha, got stuck up on the main road passing through Chinchbhuwan area on the outskirts of city, posing a danger to the traffic passing by. Thanks to sleeping administration of PWD and also the Nagpur Municipal Corporation, which have critically failed to immediately get it cleared to ensure smooth traffic!

The said trailer-truck, belonging to Chhattisgarh, with its heavy load stuck-up in the structure bearing sign-board across the Airport to Butibori (Nagpur-Wardha) main road at Chinchbhuwan area, has not been removed by NMC or PWD administration even after more than a week (since July 1) has passed, though the operator of the trailer-truck informed both the departments repeatedly. But no one has turned up so far for clearance of the partial road-blocking. On the other hand, the PWD persons advised the operator to approach the RTO in this regard.

As learnt two such trailer-trucks were going from Nagpur Airport to Wardha. But the height of the equipment loaded on the trailer was more than the height of the structure of signboard across the road, at Chinchbhuwan area, so the leading trailer-truck got stuck-up while another trailer-truck following the leading one remained behind and off the mishap.

According to the trailer operator, while he was driving he did notice the structure across the road, but he thought that he would be able to pass through it safely, but it did not happen so. Thanks to his presence of mind that as soon as he noticed that the equipment touched the structure and got stuck-up he immediately stopped moving further, and thus saved the structure from further damage.

The available sources informed that such cross-road structures bearing the signboards should have the height of 25 feet from the ground, but the structure across the road at Chinchbhuwan has the height of 19 feet only. One does not know at this stage as to who is responsible for erecting the structure.

Now, this being the situation, it is imperative on the part of the NMC, or PWD or even RTO to get ite cleared at the earliest. The Nagpur Today feels that there should be a clear cut and easily noticeable caution-board about ‘height of loaded equipment’ displayed at some point on road-side, much before any such heavy load reaches the structure.