Published On : Fri, May 6th, 2016

Ex Minister, senior cops involved in bookie Subhash Shahu’s murder in Nagpur?

Subhash ShahuNagpur: More skeletons tumbled out of the closet as the cops zeroed in the high profile killing of a kind hearted cricket bookie Subhash Shahu in Nagpur. Highly placed sources revealed that the murder was the fallout of alleged professional rivalry as Shahu had begun to expand its roots beyond the fringes of Nagpur region. Besides, many startling revelations have surfaced during the course of investigation which points to the involvement of top cricket bookies, some of them having strong connection in the corridors of politics. Sources also hinted at the involvement of a former state minister in the crime.

It turned out that Shahu gradually spread its roots in Nagpur and maintained a good clientele as people from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh would also approach him for betting. Shahu’s growth came as a threat to many other players who has been reportedly serving clients as far as South Africa. Shahu had reportedly earned good reputation among all its customers owing to his fair payment methods. Unlike other bookies who would often kept clients at bay when it comes to pay, Shahu was known to be prompt in spot payment, no matter what the amount was. Said a source, “All went well till Shahu touched Itwari area where dreaded criminal Santosh Ambekar had already firmed his foot,” added a source.

Irked over this many people had pooled resources and had allegedly paid Rs 5 crores to eliminate the deceased Subhash Shahu. They hired these contract killers to eliminate the deceased.

It is alleged that during the course of investigation, the involvement of some very senior police officials and a former minister has come to fore. The cops of Crime Branch are said to have evidence to this involvement of senior police officials and a former minister.

The Crime Branch of Nagpur Police took almost four years to arrest gangster-turned-Bollywood wannabe Nadeem Sheikh alias Lucky Khan aged 31 years and Mahesh alias Gamchu Namdeo Lambat aged 45 years on April 5, 2016 for their alleged role in the murder of bookie-cum-police informer Subhash Shahu in September 28, 2011.

Taking advantage of Shahu’s humble nature, the accused had allegedly murdered Shahu by offering him a lethal cyanide-laced prasad by the contract (supari) killer in the garb of a monk at Navi Shukrawari area. Chemical analysis conducted at Regional Forensic Science Laboratory (RFSL) on the samples and viscera of the deceased proved that a cyanide-based poison was present in his stomach.

The case was then handed over to Crime Branch for investigation. The cops of Crime Branch of Nagpur Police who had arrested Mahesh alias Gamchu Namdeo Lambat aged 45 years and a resident of Labhantanda, Old Shukrawari and Nadeem Sheikh alias Lucky Khan on March 30, 2016 for his role in the murder said that Lucky Khan used to visit Subhash Shahu disguised as a monk. He used to regularly visit the family members and relatives of the deceased. The Lucky Khan disguised as Monk had won the confidence of the Shahu family and became a very popular and esteemed visitor of the Shahu household.

When the Durga puja came, Lucky Khan disguised as monk again visited the Shahu family and had allegedly given cyanide laced Prasad to the deceased Shahu. Immediately after the administrating the cyanide laced prasad to the deceased Shahu, the accused fled from the spot and had allegedly absconded from the city too.