Published On : Thu, Apr 29th, 2021

Ex Mayor Sandip Joshi steps up against overcharging hospitals; facility cuts 5.25 lakh bill to 2.5 lakhs

Nagpur: The northwards trajectory of Covid spread has been causing more worries to the district administration and civic bodies as people haplessly rush for beds and medicines for their suffering kins. However amid the rising concern for medical treatment to the needy, an ugly face of few hospitals minting money in the face of fear among people has also come to the fore.

While some of the renowned hospitals in Nagpur are burning hole into the pockets of people, handing them exorbitant bills ranging from Rs 3 lakh to over Rs 12 lakhs, the treatment at these hospitals have become a major stress for many of the people running for their lives. In the wake of multifold and unjustified charges being recovered by these hospitals, former Mayor and senior BJP leader Sandip Joshi has come forward to take a stand against such facilities.

Leading the initiative that involves other BJP bigwigs like Nitin Gadkari and Devendra Fadnavis, Joshi has appealed to the citizens to step up and register their complaints against the hospitals resorting to excessive billings in the name of Covid treatment.

Following the appeal, Joshi has also posted a video message on his Twitter handle revealing a related case, in which he met the authorities of one such hospital and helped a patient’s kin in getting the hospital bill of Rs 5.25 lakh reduced to Rs 2.5 lakh.

“We have met the hospital authorities as we had received a complaint regarding excessive billing. They cooperated with us and reversed the bill of Rs 5.25 to Rs 2.5 lakh. We are looking forward to helping more people suffering from such apathy of hospitals,” Joshi said in his video post, without naming the hospital.

Soon after Joshi posted his message, Twitteratis reacted by seeking the name of the hospital. Few others also pressed for criminal action against the hospital.

When Nagpur Today contacted Sandip Joshi over the comments, he said, “At a time when many hospitals are working day and night to serve the ailing patients, it would be unjust to name the facility as this will not only bring bad name to the hospital but also demoralise many others in the profession.”

He added, “It is no denying that few hospitals have resorted to loot and levying heavy bills upon the already stressed people in the name of Covid treatment. I appeal to the people to come forward and register their complaints, and I shall try my bit to reach out to such hospitals and help the suffering people.”

Joshi has also shared the numbers on which the patients charged with excessive money can register their complaint. Anand – 9822204677, Amey – 9561098052, Shaunak – 7447786105, Manmeet – 744018785

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