Published On : Tue, Dec 29th, 2015

Even elderly needs to enjoy every bit of life, asserts Kumaran Swami Gurujee

An insight from the life and thought of the spiritual leader, he shared with Nagpur Today

Kumaran Swami Gurujee

Nagpur: He is calm and polite, humble in his views and human in his approach. Kumaran Swami Gurujee, founder of World Peace and Adhyatma Jyotish Trust, considers humanity is the biggest religion. He viewed that elderly should get their right to live and vowed to build a shelter to accommodate those having attained the old age. He calls it a home for the aged. He informed that he has already acquired land for the Senior Citizens Club. He calls it club since he wants the aged to enjoy their stay here. He wants to call it Jeevan Ashram Club. This has been his dream project and he has been striving to make it a reality. His project in Mumbai houses 3000 aged. He has a similar project in Panchakula in Haryana and other places as well. He was in Nagpur to start a similar project for the aged in the city too.


According to him, the remaining part of their life of any aged person should pass peacefully and enjoyably. This means that the aged should have no worry about the food, clothing or shelter. Apart from that they should have an opportunity to undertake any unfinished art, hobby or such endeavours that they only dreamt and never got around to actually do it. Kumaran Swami Gurujee said that Nagpur has life of Nature and the blessings it brings about. Since Nature has god living in it, he felt that Nagpur too is an ideal place for a Home for the aged.

Kumaran Swami Gurujee is a Vedic Gyan preacher and preaches Jeevit Bhagwan (Living God) Service.

Astrology starts where science ends

Kumaran Swami Gurujee who is the founder of World Peace and Adhyatma Jyotish Trust (Regd.80-G) and popular among most of the Bollywood actors and actresses, while speaking to Nagpur Today about Astrology, said that Astrology starts where Science ends. He claimed that Science has limited scope while Astrology is vast and a student of Astrology gets to learn infinite aspects of life on earth. While explaining how Astrology is more ancient than science, he said that scores of years ago we calculated and predicted many occurrences which NASA is ascertaining now and proving it to be true. He added that Astrology has effect on every part of the human body. He went on to say that just by enquiring about the time, place and year of birth, a well learned Astrologer can tell, where a person has incurred an injury or what untoward incident has occurred in his or her life.

While speaking about the fake or Pseudo-Astrologers making a fast buck in the society he said that Almighty God has given Divya Gyan (Discerning wisdom) to every human being. One should use it to identify and differentiate between the fake from the real. Science can’t predict the future of a human’s actions.

Genuine Astrologers are Karmawadi (workaholic) and not Bhagyawadi (Destiny)

While explaining about genuine Astrologers Kumaran Swami Gurujee said that they are Karmawadis (workaholic). They point toward the need for a man to work. He added that work alone can help one progress in life. He added that true astrologers are never Bhagyawadi (Destiny-oriented). He claimed that if one does not work, he will not subsist. He went on to claim that one can’t get anything in life by just chanting Mantras or praying on rosary beads.

Nature is vital for human life
Kumaran Swami Gurujee said that nature is incarnation of God itself. One can’t subsist without nature since we enjoy a symbiotic relationship with Nature. He said that Sun is the soul (Atma) of nature. If Sun is removed, the nature will collapse and die. We humans will be aimless and directionless. Astrology provides light in the darkness and points to the right path of life.

Gems do not dictate your life
Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, Numerology and Gemology all are part of Astrology. Kumaran Swami Gurujee vehemently said that gem-stones do not dictate any part of our life. One can’t become rich or poor by wearing a stone. If wearing a gem-stone on a ring can make a person rich, people would be carrying big gem-stones on their head. Kumaran Swami Gurujee claimed that all these are misconceptions and superstitions which pseudo-astrologers advocate to fleece troubled and innocent or naïve people.

The only way we can appease God is by chanting the prayers with a clear mind and soul without any ulterior motives. Our heartfelt prayers are going to aid our family in enjoying a good life. He added that ‘Pariwar hamarey karmon ko khapane ki jagah hai’. (Family is the place where the results or benefits of our deeds are encashed). Our karma will be reflected in our family.

Pandits or priests who sit in the temple performing pujas should only do that. Those Pundits or priests who advice innocent devotees to perform rituals or to wear gems are nothing but pseudo, fake or unlearned pundits or priests. They should realize that they are performing Karmakand and they should remain doing just that.

He added that Astrology is 100% calculations. Wearing rudraksha (beads) and rings and wearing saffron attire does not make one an astrologer.

He claimed that he decided to devote his life for the welfare of human beings and to ensure that he meditated for the self realization and started propagating a theory of Ravansanhita, a study with objective of prevailing upon the mind and soul of the body and purification thereof. This was totally for my own enlightenment.

He claimed that the need of the hour is to spread brotherhood. The need of the hour is to think in terms of human kindliness, peace among societies, and above all refrain from making a religion a key issue but change the key issue to spread harmony, tranquility and spread peace and love.

To achieve this goal he is appealing to all likeminded people and his audience to help the destitute, poor, and uncared children and women of the down trodden members of the societies living in pathetic conditions and poverty. He added that life is worth living when the awareness of peaceful living, free from stress and tensions.

As told to Samuel Gunasekharan