Published On : Tue, Dec 4th, 2018

Even before Metro starts inaugural run, rogue addicts paint dirty picture on pillars with kharra spits

Image Courtsey Amit Ambore

Nagpur: Even before Nagpur ‘Majhi Metro’ could start chugging off in its inaugural run, the spitting rogues have brought bad name to the city by painting the pillars of the Metro with nauseating filth. Even as the Orange City marches towards becoming a ‘Smart City’ and citizens await to see the Nagpur Metro riding them gleefully, the diehard addicts of kharra, tobacco, paan have started playing their dirty game. At a time when Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is being implemented in letter and spirit, the number of rogue elements, notoriously called ‘pichkarians’ (spitters) refuse to show decency.

The newly built and coloured bright white pillars of Nagpur Metro are turning out be easy prey for the spitting vandals. Even advertisement posters have also been pasted thus disfiguring the pillars.

This sickening menace continues to grip the Second Capital City despite Nagpur Municipal Corporation contemplating tough action against those found spitting in public places. The civic body had formed Nuisance Detections Squads comprising one ex-servicemen in each of 151 wards. But the squad seems to be a bystander as the vandals snub them and spoil the atmosphere with impunity.

Spitting in public is as bad as vandalism. Spitting in public places is unpleasant, unacceptable and antisocial. It is a filthy habit that can spread germs and cause health issues. The spit carries bacteria, which once in public can harm each one of us. Moreover, spitting can cause extensive damage to public property and hence it can be considered a deliberate action to damage public or private property. And let alone roads, the kharra addicts have an uncanny habit of spitting and colouring the neat and clean corners of every single wall in government offices, public places, railway stations, bus stands and government hospitals etc.

This dirty picture brings bad name to the city as thousands of visitors from other cities and town take back memories of this disgusting fact. The stains of paan masalas and gutkhas are highly corrosive and permanent in nature.

In present circumstances, authorities need to act tough and curb people from spitting, littering and urinating on public properties. The offenders should be fined heavily and reprimanded publicly. Besides introducing stringent measures, efforts should also be taken by the NMC administration to spread awareness about maintaining cleanliness through announcements, posters and various campaigns. The civic body administration can also install a large number of spittoons at public spots, roadsides where ever possible.

Disgusted over the addiction of spitting at public places, a brother-sister duo from Nagpur had come out with a scientific solution. The siblings Ritu and Pratik Malhotra have invented pocket-sized ‘Eco-Friendly Spittoon’ for the convenience of those who ‘enjoy’ spitting at public places. The “Easyspit” can be placed in pockets easily. What the spitters will have to do is to take it out from pocket and use it for spitting. No need to work hard. Since specially made ‘absorb’ material is being used for ‘Easyspit,’ the spit is absorbed and later turned into crystals. Hence there is no possibility of pocket getting wet and emission of stench. The “Easyspit” can be used for spitting 25 times and can be easily disposed of.

The NMC should also entertain complaints if any citizens reported violations by sending the dirty pictures.