Published On : Sat, Jul 30th, 2016

Entry of ‘Tom & Jerry’ style ‘Disco Sanya’ on August 5 

Film marks multiple debuts – Music Director duo of Sachin-Abhijeet as Producers, Niyaz Mujawar as Director and 13-year-old Reeshab Purohit as Playback Singer.
In addition to renowned singers Avadhoot Gupte, Nandesh Umap and Adarsh Shinde, the films soundtrack also features, for first time in Marathi Cinema, internationally renowned singer Shabab Sabri.

Disco Sannya
: Producer, Music Director and Writer Sachin Purohit-Abhijit Kawthalkar are arriving at the silver screen with their maiden Marathi Film ‘Disco Sanya’ featuring a complete entertainment package and youth-centric quality songs.

With unique dialogues such as ‘Nachheezko Sannya Kahate Hain…Disco Sanya’ as well as ‘Tom & Jerry’ style fun filled acrobatics ‘Disco Sanya’ is arriving on the August 5, 2016 to meet audiences and to provide them a roller coaster experience. This is a truly fun filled struggle between an arrogant and rich businessman and little ‘Disco Sannya’ selling sundry items on a traffic signal but preserving the humanity started with a tiny incident. The film story takes us through the resultant changes arriving in the lives of both of them.

While speaking about the film Sachin Purohit said, that “Over the last 6 years his family and he have been involved in charities that work with underprivileged and orphaned children. Through this entire duration what really amazed, struck and has stayed with him is their amazing spirit for life that lives on in spite of their hardships and the cruel twist the world has dealt them with. It’s what they call the amazing Chingabunga spirit. A couple of years ago he shared this with Abhijeet and we both decided that they needed to spread this spirit as far as we possibly could.

“Disco Sannya was thus born. However, right from the start both of us were absolutely sure that this had to be an engaging, commercial family entertainer and not a preachy restrictive movie. He is really glad that they have succeeded in their endeavor and, as is evident from the theatrical trailer, am confident that audiences will really like the movie,” added Sachin.

Furthermore, Directed by debutant Niyaz Mujawar and Co-starring Sanjay Khapre, this well crafted social drama is laced with an interesting thriller plot and foot tapping soulful music. The movie features three songs and a promotional song which all feature traditional Marathi beats and emotions perfectly fused with modern youthful tunes and compositions.

Commenting on the music of the movie Abhijeet Kawthalkar, said: “Today’s audiences are no longer satisfied with traditionally good compositions. Apart from the core need of taking the story forward through the music, music directors today also have to constantly keep innovating and experimenting with beats, tunes, lyrics and compositions to keep the audience engaged and entertained. The music of Disco Sannya has been carefully composed in keeping with this very need and each and every song has a very distinctive element of innovation and experimentation designed to captive all audiences alike.

“While ‘Sadha Majha Roop…’sung by Adarsh Shinde beautifully fuses traditional Marathi tunes with the ‘Tara Tapattai’, a traditional South Indian musical instrument, ‘Jai Hari Vitthala…Allah hu Akbar’ features lyrics that portray a very secular emotion made unforgettable by the soulful folk tunes of Shahir Nandesh Umap married to the Sufi style of the globally renowned Shabab Sabri (for the first time in Marathi Cinema).

‘Chingabunga’ sung by the 13 year old Reeshab Purohit and Adarsh Shinde, as well as, ‘Ala Bagha Disco Sannya’, the promotional song of the movie sung by the evergreen Avdhoot Gupte are both foot-tapping numbers composed for the young audience of today.

Director Niyaz Mujawar who has been trained at the FTII, Pune was also mentioned due to his able work at Purushottam Karandak Drama Competitions. The film depicts two dreaded foes that are Parth Bhalerao and Sanjay Khapre in the roles like “Tom & Jerry”. Therefore this is a film which does not go by the regular hero and heroine or true friend duo stories but exhibits the acrobatics between two foes in a fresh style altogether.

The dialogues for the film have also been penned by Niyaz Mmujawar. The story and screenplay are by Niyaz Mujawar, Sachin Purohit and Abhijit Kawthalkar. The films till now had either two couples or two friends. However in this film we shall be able to see a story of two foes of the order of famous ‘Tom & Jerry’. The roles have been played by a fresh duo Parth Bhalerao and Sanjay Khapre. The roles played by Chitra Khare, Gauri Konge, Suhas Shirsath and Umesh Jagtap are also worthy of special mention. While sandip Patil has handled Cinematography, Bhaumik Shah is the Choreographer. Siddharrth Taluskar has handled Art Direction while Costumes by Purti Kulkarni and Make up by Santosh Gilbile. Editing of the film is by Milind Damle.

With slogans of ‘Jai Chingabunga’ in a Hatke style “Disco Sanya” starts entertaining  the audiences with acrobatics akin to “Tom & Jerry” with its premier at theatre in entire Maharashtra on the August 5, 2016.