Published On : Sun, Jul 14th, 2013

Engineering is not everybody’s cup of tea; Students must realize this : Dr. Charalwar

Decades old and renowned Mohota Science College could be aptly termed as a perfect chemistry of science and research. The Mohota College has recently completed two major researches for which the UGC paid Rs 12 lakh for each research. Watching the trend of students flow towards opting basic science Nagpur Today interacted with the Principal of the College Dr Sanjay Charalwar, a recognized  Ph.D  guide in Physics with over 28 years of teaching experience and professional stint as Senate Member, RTM Nagpur and delve deeper into the conventional trend towards basic sciences.

The Excerpts…

Nagpur Today: What are the reasons that students are returning to conventional subjects like basic sciences rather than going for Engineering ?

Dr. Charalwar: Basic Science is the mother of Engineering & Technology. New avenues have been opened up for basic science students and it is equally even of Engineering. Less amount of fees, better and stable fees than Engineering is also one of the factor.  Seats in all three sections in our college are full to capacity.

Nagpur Today : A huge number of IIT’s seats are vacant this year. What could be the reason ?

Dr.Charalwar: There may be different reasons but Engineering is not everybody’s cup of tea. IIT Phase is also not simple. There are many drop-outs every year. Students should have the capability to accept the reality and change the subjects accordingly.

Nagpur Today: What are the future prospects and opportunities after  doing these subjects ?

Dr. Charalwar: Industry placements and career options after B.Sc & M.Sc courses are wide with options in teaching, research, UPSC, MPSC and Bank Jobs. There is good demand for basic science students in corporate at entry level with salary starting from Rs 18, 000 which goes upto 1.20 lac a month. Sky is the limit.

Nagpur Today: what mistakes students make while choosing their subjects?

Dr. Charalwar : Students are missing guidance. They do not know why they are choosing a particular subject, most them have Mob Psychology in selection of subjects. Before selecting any course they should know fully about it and the future prospects in it.

Nagpur Today: Tell us about Mohota Science college, its area of focus and facilities ?

Dr. Charalwar: The college was established in 1940 and is being run by Nagpur Shikshan Mandal and it is imparting pure science education for over 60 years. We have junior college, undergraduate and post graduate science courses.90% of the faculty are Ph.D. and remaining are pursuing research. It is a recognized centre for research leading to Ph.D. We have U.G.C. sponsored career oriented courses on solar energy and medicinal biochemistry.  Many faculties are recognized research guides. We have career counseling and Job placement cells. We have two major research projects going on for which government has funded 12 lakhs each. And 26 minor research projects are already completed.14 research projects are going on. A hostel for girls is also being built. Courses affiliated to IGNOU will be starting soon in the college.

 Nagpur Today : What is your vision for the college ?

 Dr. Charalwar : We want to produce skillful, knowledge based graduates who fulfill the future needs of the country. We look to surface out talent from every department. The university has brought semester pattern in B.Sc. The students are taught in spacious well equipped labs and classrooms. Emphasis is given on all-round development of the student with focus on basic education and personality development.

We have no high fees and stick to the norms. There is a scholarship called INSPIRE wherein first top ten thousand students of 12th class result taking admission to B.Sc. Part 1 are eligible for scholarship of Rs. 80000 per year for continuous 5 years.

Nagpur Today : your message to the students ?

Dr. Charalwar: ‘Try not to become man of success but become Man of Values.