Published On : Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Engineering girl student kidnapped from Dhantoli

Representational Pic

Representational Pic

Nagpur: A one sided love went awry when two thugs kidnapped and molested an engineering girl student from Netaji Market in Dhantoli on Saturday evening at six. A major incident was however averted when the 21-year-old victim managed to escape from the clutches of her kidnappers. Accused Shailendra Kumar alias Shanu Jainarayan Shukla, 24, from Somalwada and Nikhil Arvind Giri 25, from Ganga Nagar in Gittikhadan, have been arrested by Dhantoli police.

Shanu and Nikhil are reportedly both of criminal mind. Shanu used to live at the same locality as the victim four years ago. He was infatuated by the young girl and on Saturday at around 6 pm, he intercepted her as she was going to English speaking class with a friend on a scooter.

Shanu grabbed the victim by her wrist and pulled her down of her two-wheeler. He took out the key and ordered the girl to get into a nearby parked auto-rickshaw. When the girl refused, Shanu slapped her hard and forced her inside the auto-rickshaw. He also pushed her friend inside and threatened both to remain silent. Then Nikhil took over and started the auto while Shanu followed behind of victim’s two-wheeler. Meanwhile, the victim managed to inform the kidnapping to her father on mobile. Nikhil took the auto through Jhansi Rani Square, Rahate Colony Square, Ajni Railway Station and stopped at Medical Square. He stopped the auto in front of GMCHgate and was asked by the security guard to park the auto elsewhere. Shanu told the guard that he was ferrying a patient. The victim and her friend were too terror struck to attract anyone’s attention.

Two acquaintances of Shanu joined the due here and one was known to the victim. She begged him to release her but to no avail. Shanu then assured the victim that he will release her soon and convinced her to get on a two-wheeler. Enroute, Nikhil let the victim’s friend go. Shanu meanwhile took the victim to a deserted area near Ajni Railway quarters and reportedly harassed her. He forced her to have sexual relation with him and threatened to eliminate her family if she refused. When the girl refused, Shanu took out his frustration on her two-wheeler and damaged it.

Meanwhile the victim’s worried father approached police and a hunt was immediately initiated. The victim, in the meantime, somehow managed to escape on her two-wheeler when Shanu’s attention was elsewhere. She went straight to her home and narrated her ordeal to family.

The information was straightway forwarded to Dhantoli police and Shanu and Nikhil were rounded up. Both have offences of larceny and intimidation registered against them at city police stations. The police operation was carried out by PI Rajan Mane, API Gaddime, PSI Sudam Munde and others.