Published On : Sat, Jun 28th, 2014

Engineering colleges showing undue haste in admitting students even before results are out

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Nagpur News: In what could be termed only as undue haste and greed for money, many engineering colleges in the city are said to be giving admissions to the students for the next higher class even before the results are declared.

Sources among the students said that annual fees are being charged from the students, depending on the branch of study. The students have also been informed that failing to pay the fees now, will result in the amount increasing (late fee to be added to that).

Similar instances have occurred in the past when the students had taken provisional admissions in the next class but had failed in the previous examinations. This also complicates other aspects of the academics. To mention a few, the engineering colleges are not learning from their past mistakes, which led to many demonstrations and protests by students  for admissions in the next class in the name of carry-on.

For the past two years, the university is getting a very bad name because of the engineering students agitation on the issue of admissions.

The results of the summer 2014 are still not declared, then how can these colleges so confidently giving admissions? Are they thinking that the students will certainly pass or will at least get ATKT. If the students fail then their fees are carried forward until they pass for the next class.

This attitude of the colleges will again bring forth the situation of carry-on and jumping demands by the affected students.

The colleges on their part have their own version of giving admissions before results are out. They blame the university for not declaring the results on time. They claim that “Because of late results, the students are not able to complete annual educational term. Therefore we give provisional admissions so that the students do not lose on classes.”

But what these colleges are opining is very vague. This attitude of theirs had created the carry-on mess in the past aslo.

These colleges should not forget these factors and keeping this in mind should not hurry for admissions. They should wait for the results to be declared and avoid the wrath of students in future.