Published On : Tue, Sep 22nd, 2015

Engineering Campus Myths Debunked

Engineering campus myths are as varied as they are funny. Let’s debunk many of these myths about engineers.

campus-lifeThey are not all nerds

You: Hey, I study engineering.

Average Human Being: What? That’s so depressing! College must be a total sausage fest, right? OMG, your friends must be total nerds, right? Do you guys even have college fests or do you just fantasise about being Tony Stark all the time? Dude, your life must be all about one exam after another, no?

You: *Facepalm*

There are many myths about life in an engineering college. We’re here to bust each and every one of them. So, the next time this conversation happens, show them this article. Here are the top myths about engineers.

1. They only study!

This is perhaps the most common myth associated with engineering students. It’s perceived that all they do is study. The truth, however, is that engineering students are not some super-human nerds. Just like students from any other course, engineers too have an array of extracurricular activities that they can take part in. From sports tournaments to different college societies, engineering campuses have many activities for students to participate in, beyond the academics. Sheldon Cooper would surely disapprove!

2. There are no girl engineers!

Living in the 21st century, it seems pretty odd to see this as a myth, but there are many people who actually believe that an engineering campus is devoid of the fairer sex. In reality, girls are just as likely as boys to take up an engineering course for their bachelor’s degree. After all, how else will we find the next Lillian Gilbreth or Marie Curie?

3. They don’t have good fests

This myth is simply laughable! Many people have this delusion that college fests just include the ones held by Delhi University. This assumption is patently untrue as some of the best college fests in the country are held by engineering colleges. Case in point: the magnum opus of a fest by BITS Pilani or IIT Bombay’s famous Mood Indigo!

4. They are always taking exams

People believe that engineering students aren’t allowed to have any fun as their entire college life consists of taking one exam after another. The truth? Just like other college students, engineering students too are only studying days before examinations commence. And just like in any other college, these exams occur once every semester. In short, engineers study as much (or as less as) as their non-engineering counterparts.

5. There are future Tony Starks running around campus

Of all the engineering myths out there, this is one that engineering students would truly wish was true. In the stereotypical depiction of an engineering campus, futuristic inventions are scattered everywhere. Visiting an actual engineering campus, however, makes it clear that it is just as ordinary as any other campus. Not everyone can be a Phunsukh Wangdu!

Engineers are not just nerds. They aren’t always studying for exams, and they certainly don’t have futuristic gadgets flying everywhere on their campus. They are just as social, stressed out and boring as the rest of us. Give them a chance!