Published On : Tue, May 12th, 2020

“ Emotional Intelligence “is the Key of success for Career- Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar.

Dr.Sanjay S.Uttarwar , Principal delivering his Webinar for Amity University.

Successful career is dream of every individual in life. For Successful career they are working hard through out their life span. But there are certain skills towards which they didn’t give heed.

Due to lack of support system, educated youths are facing many new challenges in today’s competitive world. They are afflicted by an identity crisis, lack of self-confidence, a sense of hopelessness, confusion, and ambiguity concerning about moral issues and career.

Dr. sanjay Uttarwar was sharing Mantra of successful life with them.

At the beginning of webinar , Registrar of Amity University has welcomed and introduced speaker to all viewers around the globe.

Dr. Sanjay S Uttarwar, Principal, was delivering his Webinar for around the globe campuses of Amity University. In this lock down period Amity University authorities has invited him to deliver webinar on this burning topic. Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar is a renowned academician, Speaker , Orator and well known personality from Central India. Frequently he delivers experts thoughts on various current topics on all sort of media. With informative PPT he had suggested the best possible solution in terms of increasing the awareness among today’s youth about career and enhance capabilities among youths.

According to him , Education does not mean only degrees but in its true sense it is the future of the youth. Personality Development is the most powerful weapon for them. Soft skills education is a global phenomenon and a proven solution to combat youth unemployment. It’s a tool that can arm young people not only to start businesses and create jobs, but also to be opportunity-focused. It provides youth with the ability to think like entrepreneurs and to act like successors. , Enhance ability to be problem solvers and the capacity to be adaptable, comfortable and self-directed in unclear situations.” His views were highly appreciated and accepted by the audience.

He explains the difference between Intelligent quotient and Emotional quotient along with the definition of both. He elaborates the scientific study done by Daniel Goleman, Mayer, Peter Salovey 0n importance of emotional intelligence. He says that Emotional Quotient gives ability to identify emotions of ourselves and others, where as Intelligent quotient is Cognitive domain which can be measured by tests and grade point averages. Emotional Intelligence is described as an ability to recognize, understand, utilize and regulate emotions effectively in every day life. Daniel Golman saw EI as a vital factor in success especially for children’s. He proposed promotion of social and emotional learning in children’s to boost their emotional Intelligence . It will improve their learning ability and help them to succeed in eliminating distracting and harmful behavior problems. He also explain the theory proposed by Lyndy Jiwen and colleagues that how EI and CI ( Cognitive Intelligence),helps college students to improve their performance on social fronts.

He alos throw light on work done by Kimmy S Kee, Delphien Neli, Peter salovey and discuss the five components of EI model suggested by them, which are Self awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social skills. He also explain how this study helps students to navigate social situations, act as a Team leader, Capabilities for conflict management, Negotiation skills,
And building relations.

In his lucid presentation of more than one hour , Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar has explained four dimentions of EI, which are perceiving Emotions, Using emotions to facilitate thoughts, Understanding Emotions and managing emotions. He also explain the characteristics of Emotional Intelligence among with examples. In the last phase of his webinar , he narrate how EI helps in decision making, Communication and Resilience.

In concluding of session , he share seven qualities of leaders with high EQ which are suggested by Rhett Power and Zenful Spirit.

At the end Dr. Uttarwar asks, , Can EQ Be Taught and Learned? And gave answer as, Yes! As mentioned earlier, emotional intelligence is not all the way to the “trait” side of the state-trait continuum. Although it is relatively stable and does not change much on its own, it absolutely can be improved with practice.

With concerted effort, it can be taught by parents, teachers, coaches, and other educators or practitioners, and it can be learned by just about anyone.

Webinar followed by question answer session, where majority of students and staff around the globe has asked their doubts and gets its answer from speaker.
Dr. Surendra Rehmatkar Registrar of Amity University has extended vote of thanks on behalf of Amity University. Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar also thanked organizers for inviting him for said webinar.