Published On : Mon, Nov 19th, 2012

Eight month old boy sold at Rs 50,000


Nagpur News: A mother’s search for her missing eight-month old child, who was missing form last three months, ends after cops cracked the case and found the boy who was sold at Rs 50,000.

Police said that though the boy named Anshu was missing from August, his mother Khushbu Bairwa lodged a complaint at Nandanwan police station on Sunday afternoon. Barwa in her complaint had alleged kidnapping against her mother’s close friend, Geeta Bankar, whom she would also treat like her mother.

According to the police, Khushbu, who hails from Nagpur, was married to Kota in Rajasthan to Kanhaiyallal. Police said that it was Geeta who find Kanhaiyallal for her marriage and since then, Khushbu got more close to Geeta.

A year after her marriage, Khushbu gave birth to a baby boy. In August, Geeta called her at her place for few days. Khushbu said that instead of going to her mother’s place, she first went to stay at Geeta’s place.

On August 9 in the evening, Geeta took the child at a relative’s house  but didn’t return. Khushbu tried to contact Geeta but failed. However, the next day, Geeta returned but didn’t bring the child with her.

She told Khushbu that she had taken the boy to Ramtek where he fell ill and hence she kept him at an Ashram for treatment for few days. Though Khushbu insisted that she wants to meet the baby, Geeta refused and assured that he will bring back the boy.

In this way, Geeta kept on giving fake reasons and keep on cheating Khushbu. Finally, in the search of her son, Khushbu filed a complaint at police station and narrated the story.

Under investigation, police immediately rounded-up Geeta. On thorough interrogation, she told that she had gone to Ramtek where she met a woman named Mandpe who introduced her to Nitnawre couple, who wanted a child to adopt.

She lied to cops that Khushbu’s husband has died and she wanted Khushbu to move forward in her life. She was planning for Khushbu’s second marriage and hence for her good future, she gave Anshu to childless Nitnawre couple.

However, later it was learnt that Geeta had actually sold the boy at Rs 50,000. Geeta had planned the kidnapping with his son, Shubham, who is still absconding. Police were shocked to know that Khushbu’s husband is still alive and Geeta lied to them.