Published On : Sat, May 18th, 2019

Education Deptt to conduct re-exam of IX failed students

Nagpur: In what could be termed as a welcome step, the Education Department has decided to take re-examination of the students failing in IX standard. The move has been initiated with an objective to bring every student into the mainstream of education.

The schools have been issued notices informing about the new decision, taken by the State government. The notification has been issued by Education Officer, which has asked the school to conduct re-examination of the students failing in IX standard before June this year.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, RTE Action Committee Chairman Mohammed Shahid Sharif informed that last year a complaint was lodged against St. John School, which was accused of deliberately failing the students in IX standard. Sharif said some schools fail the students in IX standard to get good results in Xth standard; however, a student faces loss of one entire year in the process. Shahid said schools resort to this practice to achieve better results in Xth standard and earn a good reputation. However, the new decision will not only save a year of the students but will also bring them into the mainstream, Shahid said.