Published On : Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

Eco Boost : Nagpur police chief ideates wedding cards that can be planted as tree

Nagpur: As far designation goes, any City Police Commissioner is always expected to keep the crime situation of his area under strict check and ensure the safety of the citizens. However Police Commissioner of Nagpur Dr K. Venkatesham and his wife Mamatha have gone extra mile to not only protect the citizens but the environment as well. To go ahead with the cause he and his wife has come up with a brilliant idea to prompt tree plantation into the current wedding season which is just about kick in. At a time when the rich and crafty wedding cards are being sent to signify the social status, Nagpur police chief has instead opted for a greener route to mark the wedding of his niece.

Niharika and Abhinav on their engagement ceremony

So when Dr Venkatesham’s niece Niharika was set to get married with Abhinav, he came up with the brilliant idea to invite people. He gave a unique suggestion for sending out the invite which was implemented in letter and spirit. The invite came rolled up with a piece of string and the message was printed on handmade papers embedded with tulsi, parijat and cotton seeds. Instead of just chucking the card into the bin, it could be planted in moist soil and watered regularly to give life to the young seeds.

On her Instagram account Samantha posted the picture of the invitation box of Woven Fashion Show 2017 filled with organic goodies sent out to guests.

Dr K. Venkatesham says, “We came across this artist who was working on this seed-embedded paper, and we thought it would be a great idea for a wedding card. Guests can keep the plant as a memory of the wedding. Along with the card, we also gave organic honey. It’s a good omen to give sweets to people but we cannot really do so since some many may be having diabetes or some others may be watching their weight. Organic honey is healthy, sweet and can be used any time without the fear of it getting spoilt.”

The organic wedding card of Niharika and Abhinav’s wedding.

The artists who created the special paper with seeds are Lalit Vikamshi and Shweta Bhattad. Explaining the initiative, Lalit says, “This is a part of the Gram Art Project that we have started. It aims to work on various issues related to rural India, mainly focusing on art activities, working with the community, issues related to women, farmer exchange programmes and water. This is the second wedding order that we are catering to and the seeds are bought directly from the farmers and have more than 90 per cent success rate. The paper is handmade by the sisters and mothers of the farmers, thereby providing employment to many.”

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