Earthquake Of 3.9 Magnitude Hits Yavatmal and Nanded District

Mild tremors were experienced late Friday evening in some parts of Nanded and Yavatmal districts in Maharashtra, officials said.

Tremors occurred at 9:10pm and were felt in Kinwat, Mahur, Hadgaon and Himayatnagar areas of Nanded, and Umarkhed, Karanjkhed, Pohandul, Hota and Valad in Yavatmal, he said.

Several people stayed out of their homes after the tremors, he added.

There is no report of any damage to property or injury to people as of now, the official said.

An earthquake of magnitude 4.8 had shook parts of Satara district on Thursday morning.

According to the traders at Savni Sadoba of Narkhi Taluka, earthquake shock was felt in Chichburdi-Barbhai, Savali Sadoba, Ichora, Malegaon, Purushottam Nagar, Varud (Tuka), Umri etc., in a kilometer distance. The people watching the TV, those who were sleeping outside, felt this shock

No casualty or damage to property has been reported so far, an official from Yavatmal district administration said.