Published On : Sun, Apr 21st, 2013

“Earn lakhs by just doing work from homes” trick making many gangs millionaire not the youths

Jobless youths are falling prey to nefarious designs of the gangs who cheat needy youths in an unusual trap

Nagpur News: There is a saying: “Wise men never pay for wine”. But a few words have been created on the same lines. The words are: “Fools pay for lavish living of wise men (Cheats)”. This is a true fact as far as cheating of people by “smart” gangs in Nagpur is concerned.

The Nagpur citizens, specially the youths, in recent days must have come across the fact that they were handed over pamphlets by innocent-looking boys or girls at several major squares of the city. The pamphlets contained a lucrative offer of earning thousands of rupees by just working from homes and performing some allotted work. Well-versed with great demand for jobs by unemployed youths some companies or says gangs in the city have been taking advantage of the situation to the hilt and have set up squads of boys and girls for the purpose. The youths who are badly in need of jobs get trapped by the trick. The pamphlets give every detail of contact number, the company etc.

Whenever the youths contact to mobile number the receiver abruptly disconnects the phone saying try after sometime. However, the gang member contacts the persons on the second day and informs the youths to attend a programme at a particular place. The youths who reach the particular place are then asked to pay Rs 50 for the programme and also submit a photograph. After taking money from hundreds of youths they are told how to become millionaires and are allotted such a work that the youths find it very difficult to carry out. On the one hand the youths get frustrated and on the other hand the gang earns money in lakhs by duping the youths in an unusual manner. In this way the gangs have been becoming millionaires and the youths who dream of bright future are being cheated by these gangs thus shattering their dreams. The youths rue their luck for getting duped by the gangs.

Similarly, what amount is paid to the boys and girls who distribute the special pamphlets, only god knows. But consciously or unconsciously they are also becoming part of the gangs who are on cheating spree. No doubt, they are innocent and also not aware of the nefarious motives these gangs work for. But the need to meet the both ends forcing them to work for the gangs. 

The gangs are flourishing by duping the unemployed youths and are reaping lakhs of rupees by illegal means that is grabbing Rs 50 from hundreds of jobless youths.. The police must initiate strong actions against the so-called companies or the gangs, quickly and stop the dirty business which is robbing the gullible youths who fall in their traps, demanded some citizens.

Ravikant Kamble