Published On : Mon, Apr 28th, 2014

e-Trading is the future of retail business in India: B C Bhartia

Confederation of All India Traders join hands with e-Bay to market their products


Nagpur News: In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Chairman of Confederation of All India Traders B C Bhartia said that right from the olden days our country always had some of the best artisans and skilled persons. Our cottage industries can do wonders. The Indian government has initiated many self help groups of women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

The biggest problem as well challenges which these people face are

  1. Procurement of cheap raw material
  2. Marketing their produce

These small and micro-entrepreneurs are dependent on the local market. The Urban and big entrepreneurs buy goods at throw away prices from them, put their own labels and sell it. However the problem is getting remunerative prices for these entrepreneurs of rural and cottage industries.

Young women entrepreneurs can miracles in gift articles & traditional food products. The need of the hour is direct contact of these producers/ skilled persons with the consumers.   It is not possible for these persons to buy or set-up shops and business establishments in the city markets. They also have a major problem of paucity of capital as well as working capital.


Newer shopping mode

The pattern of shopping among the youth below the age group of 35 years is changing very fast. It is seen that they prefer marketing after 10 pm in the night. Often it is after the traditional markets are closed. They prefer shopping through Internet.


e-Trade in future: Retail Market Portals

In years to come the retail business will comprise of 3 segments

  1. Internet
  2. Credit Card / e-Banking
  3. Courier service

The traditional markets may see their customers running away in near future. The future market area is retail market portals on Internet. Hence it is necessary that before international retail chains capture this future market area, our artisans/ skilled workers, house-hold women entrepreneurs etc should occupy adequate space in this future market area.


Why e-Bay?

The existing system is B2B (Buyer to Buyer). However, there are many companies in the B2C (Buyer to Consumer) sector. In fact Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma has said he is in favor of allowing 100% FDI in the e-commerce sector. However the CAIT (Confederation of All India Traders) had opposed it then.

All companies sell their products in own name. They collect the orders from consumers and are free to procure it from any person from throughout the globe. Thus the identity of the manufacturer gets concealed.

In e-Bay they are providing the platform to display and showcase their products with all technical specifications and price which can be ex-workshop or FOR consumers’ space. Once the buyer places the order, it is sent to the person who has placed the material in the portal. In this way, the identity of an Indian entrepreneur is maintained. It is because of this reason that Confederation of All India Traders under the Chairmanship of B C Bhartia, in its drive to upgrade and modernize Indian Retail Business has partnered with e-Bay.

To start with the manufacturer takes a photograph of his product. There are e-Bay co-coordinators in different cities. They help in taking the photographs, write description of the product with its technical specifications.

The product is then displayed in respective category to which the product belongs along with the price. The buyer after visiting the portal can place the order on the portal itself. E-Bay helps in sending the order to the manufacturer by e-mail. After the goods are ready for shipment, the producer informs the courier company to lift the material for delivery to customer.  As soon as the material is delivered, the amount paid at the time of placing the order, is released through e-Bay to the producer.

e-Bay charges about two to seven per cent commission depending on the product. B C Bhartia has been a pioneer of launching and promoting e-Bay in Vidarbha for the last 10 years. According to him, the future is electronics market.