Dumping Yard, STP hazards: NMC plays with health of residents for Rs 15 crore gain!

Nagpur: The “great” Nagpur Municipal Corporation, no doubt, is a place where many ambitious, people-oriented schemes are proposed and approved as well. But many of schemes could well be termed eyewash as these schemes remain on papers only. Take the example of Bhandewadi Dumping Yard and the STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) set up in its premises. The Dumping Yard and the STP are proving to be health hazards for the residents leaving nearby around the year.

The Dumping Yard was set up decades ago at Bhandewadi situated the far end of East Nagpur. At that time, the Dumping Yard used to be outskirts of the city. But the boom in city’s population and subsequent setting up of authorised-unauthorised colonies around the Dumping Yard brought it within the bustling city. The colonies are abode of 7000-8000 residents mainly the daily wagers. The Sewerage Treatment Plant was set up within the Dumping Yard a few years ago mainly to treat and process the filthy water of Nag River. The processed water is supplied to Koradi Thermal Power Plant through pipelines.

The water is used for power generation. In turn, the Koradi Power Plant management pays NMC Rs 15 crore annually. Nothing wrong. What is wrong is that the residual chemically contaminated water after processing at STP is released in sewage lines passing through the nearby colonies. In the rainy season, the sewage lines overflows with the contaminated water along with other filth. There is also a ‘nullah’, which carries sewage and garbage and various other wastes of chemicals and oils from the Dumping Yard and STP. This flow and accumulation of dirty and chemically infested water plays havoc with the lives of residents of nearby colonies such as Suraj Nagar, New Suraj Nagar, Abbumiya Nagar, Tulsinagar and many areas. No surprise many dwellers in these localities are in grip of life-threatening diseases.

Hazardous waste generally has the potential to pose a substantial hazard to human health or the environment when improperly treated, stored, transported or disposed off. Proper disposal of hazardous waste is necessary to avoid health disaster of greater magnitude.

Taking the serious view of this unhealthy situation and a horde of complaints from the residents, the Prabhag 26 Corporator Dharmapal Meshram took up the matter with Municipal Commissioner Ashwin Mudgal and East Nagpur MLA Krishna Khopde. The Corporator forced them to undertake a visit to the affected areas and apprise themselves about the unhealthy environment. Aghast with the situation, Mudgal directed the Ward Officer Rajesh Karade and Pench Project Chief Chouganjkar to prepare a proposal with estimation for hammering out the problem permanently.

Hope this proposal does not remain in papers only.