Published On : Mon, Nov 23rd, 2015

Drunken-drive revelry on mid-night streets costs dear to a spoilt lad!


Nagpur: It is not a strange incident in which uncontrolled wards of certain big parents become indisciplined and behave the way they like. Such incident got repeated on the midnight of Stauday-Sunday, Nov 22-23, 2015 on the city streets encircling Ravinagar Chowk, Law College, RTM Nagpur University Maidan and VCA stadium.

It was 01.41 hours during midnight of Saturday, a car Hyundai i-20 No. MH 31/ EA 5746 stopped at the middle of Ravinagar Chowk, and a youth, Manish Agrawal, in drunken state barged out of the car. He called out a drunken model Huma (name changed) out of car and at the volumed up music of stereo sound system made her dance in the middle of chowk during that odd hour. Both of them were in euphoria. A young boy and a young girl were then sitting inside the car and they too were drunk. When a man, passer by, shouted at such an act, both drunken youths got into the car and drove away towards Law College. They stopped in front of Vidyapeeth Maindan (Ravinagar area) and the erring youths repeated their act.gfdg

The police was in action against nearby situated hukkah-parlours, Crab and Copa and about 10 to12 jawans from Ambazari police station were deployed. The jawans then tried to chase them, but the erring youths again tried to escape, making an attempt to drive car them. Meanwhile, the police called ‘control-room’ for assistance. But by then they drove car towards VCA Stadium and in front of Checkers Restaurant they again resorted to similar type of act.
When they were dancing in the middle of road in front of Checkers Restaurant, two car-drivers passing by that road stopped. The erring youths then again got into car and drove towards Ravi Bhavan Gate via Rural police headquarters, Civil Lines. Two police men then chased them and nabbed all the four of them in front of Patrakar Sahnivas on Amravati Road.

Of two young boys, Manish Agrawal has just returned from New Zealand after pursuing MBA course while the other young boy happens to be the son a retired police officer in the city. Sitabuldi police have registered a case against Manish Agrawal and let others go off.hjhg

When Nagpur Today contacted Sitabuldi police station, PI Bandiwar informed that a case under section 279 IPC and 185 MV Act has been registered against Manish Agrawal, and he was released on bail at police station itself. Others were also let go off as drinking and sitting in car or dancing is not an offence unless public peace is disturbed, he added.