Published On : Fri, Jan 26th, 2018

Dreadful data: Nagpur witnessed murders, rapes, robberies, among 1,17,415 crimes in 10 years

Nagpur: The Second Capital City of Nagpur, called Orange City popularly, is inching towards becoming a Smart City. However, what is worrying is manifold rise in number of crimes in the past 10 years. This Orange City recorded a whopping 1,17,415 crimes including murders, attempt to murder, robberies, dacoities, chain-snatching, burglaries, and crimes against women.

The crime statistics were provided by Nagpur Police.

Talking about murders, the figure stood at 1405 in the past 10 years. The maximum murders were recorded in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014. These four years saw 462 persons done to death over various reasons. Petty issue, family disputes, money deals, old enmity, gangwars, and some other reasons were behind the crime. In 2005, 121 murder cases were registered at various police stations. Similarly, 120 murders were recorded in 2011, 112 in 2014, and 109 murders in 2008.

During the same period of 10 years, 1106 cases of attempt to murder were registered in the city.

The year 2015 witnessed the maximum number of crimes – 10446. In 2016, 9720 crimes were registered followed by 6792 in 2009, 6672 in 2010, 6965 in 2011. In the year, city witnessed a rise in cases like theft, rash driving, burglary, outraging modesty of a woman, kidnapping, rape, criminal breach of trust, forgery, extortion, arson and human trafficking. However, some prompt actions taken by the former and current police commissioners resulted in bringing down some of the serious offences.

In 2017 till November, the Second Capital has witnessed 8696 crimes registered at various police stations. In the year, 82 murders took place out of which 27 were over trivial issues. 25 murders were over family disputes and love affairs. In the remaining 30 murders, money was the reason. Out of the 82 murders, 78 were solved and accused were rounded up. The accused include 51 neighbours, 13 relatives, 12 friends, two accused linked to gangsters, and four others were unidentified.

Similarly, in 2017 till November, 72 cases of attempt to murder were registered in city over a host of reasons including 8 cases over petty issues, 22 over family disputes and 37 incidents of attempt to murder over love affairs. Gangwar was also the reason for three murders.

Apart from other crimes, there was a massive increase in cases of violence against women. Offences of rapes, molestations shot up in the past 10 years. Shockingly, 2707 incidents of rape shamed the city in the period. At the same time, 2772 cases of molestations were recorded by various police stations. In 2014, 127 rape cases were reported. The incidents got increased in 2015 as 178 cases of rape were reported. In 2016, the figure stood at 154 and in 2017 till November, 148 incidents of rape were reported. The numbers of crimes related to assaults on women, are a matter of concern for the city police. The numbers look high because of prompt registration of offences.

Talking about chain-snatching incidents that made life of women miserable, the year 2006 saw 293 women robbed of their gold booty. In 2013, 249 cases were reported while 260 incidents of chain-snatching were in 260.

Dwelling on other crimes, the Orange City witnessed 266 dacoities, 2707 chain-snatchings, 3310 robberies, 2532 cases of kidnappings including kids, and other crimes including vehicle thefts.

Some serious offences — burglary, attempt to murder, cruelty by husband, kidnapping, causing death by negligence and robbery — witnessed an increase, while those like murder, riots, causing grievous hurt and culpable homicide not amounting to murder showed a dip in the period of past 10 years.

On a positive side, the crime statistics of year 2017 show that the crime rate declined in the city. In terms of ranking, Nagpur stands fifth in the State in total crime reported in year 2017. According to official figures of Maharashtra Police, Mumbai city recorded the highest number of crimes 39,572 in the State in the year 2017, followed by Pune city with 13,885, Pune (Rural) surprisingly is third with12,705, followed by Thane 11,859 and then Nagpur with total 9,482 cases. Mumbai registered 127 murder cases. Pune Rural recorded 118 murders in year 2017, followed by Thane with 113 murders, Pune City with 110 and Nagpur ranks fifth with 85 murder cases. Under attempt to murder cases again Mumbai and Pune Rural recorded 199 and 198 cases respectively, followed by 163 in Pune city, 130 in Thane and 73 attempts to murder in Nagpur city.

Cops equipped with hi-tech gadgets:
Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkatesham said that it is job of police to smash crimes with a firm hand. For curbing crime, cops have been equipped with latest technologies. Police force is working systematically to safeguard the citizens. With new technology and team work, the city cops are ensuring a safe Nagpur city, he stated.

Meanwhile, several preventive actions have been taken against known criminals so that they will not create further problems. In many cases, criminals are sent to jail so that gang wars and other serious offences are curbed.

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—Ravikant Kamble