Published On : Mon, Oct 15th, 2012

Drama at dawn; man shot in sleep, survives

The injured, Mohan Pandeya, currently under medical observation

Nagpur Crime News: Surendragarh area which comes under Gittikhadan Police jurisdiction already known for  criminal activities today witnessed a stealthy assault. In the wee hours of morning Rinku alias Rudraprayag Tiwari, a hardened criminal along with his accomplices silently entered the house of one Mohan Pandeya. This is said to be fallout of old rivalry. While Pandeya was asleep at 4 in the morning, Tiwari and his men slipped into his house with a gun and shot him. Tiwari and his associates then immediately fled the spot. The noise from the gunshot woke his family and residents around. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. According to Dr. Pinak Dande the bullet is lodged in the arm and between veins due to which Pandeya has been kept under observation and if the aim was even a little true, Pandeya would have lost his life. Pushpendra Hariprasad Tiwari one of the accused has been caught. Police is currently searching for Rudraprayag Tiwari and the rest.  Gittikhadan police have booked Rudraprayag Tiwari and 12 others under IPC Section 307. From the number of shootings that have come to light in this city, it seems items of daily use are getting expensive and bullets cheaper.

Accused Pushpendra Hariprasad Tiwari with PI Bahadure. Pushpendra was arrested by Gittikhadan Police