Published On : Fri, Feb 19th, 2021

Dr Raut warns of lockdown if citizens fail to follow rules

Nagpur: Sounding out warning to all stakeholders to become alert, Guardian Minister Dr Nitin Raut on Thursday said in case citizens fails to mend their ways administration would be forced to take tough measure, including lockdown. No one wants another lockdown as it would hurt all sections and particularly the lower class, and hence everyone needs to follow the COVID-19 rules in toto.

Addressing media persons, Dr Raut expressed worry at spike in COVID-19 patients in city andVidarbha in general and said people should no longer take risks. All needs to be mend our ways and observe utmost care for self and family members and as Government our prime duty is welfare of masses. During last week itself, a meeting was held with district administration wherein they were asked to step-up contact tracing and increase testing so that cases can be minimised.

He, however, frowned upon carelessness of citizens while visiting markets where no one is seen wearing the mask, it is very necessary and effective protection and first line of defence. Even shopkeepers and the employees in shops seems averse to wearing masks and this is dangerous situation and administration is extremely worried at such brazenness violation of Mission Begin Again norms, the Guardian Minister further commented.

Already, red flag is raised in many districts of Vidarbha and no one in Nagpur city should be complacent anymore or otherwise for general well being of citizens Government might have to take tough decisions, Dr Raut said in appeal to citizens. He also pointed out after analysis of data it is now emerged that in current phase people in 30-40 years of ago group are prone to catching COVID-19. This being the youth seems to suggest lowering of guard in aftermath of downward graph of infection over last few months.

But as already health experts warned that till effective medication, people would need to tone-up their behaviour with COVID-19 norms which is here to stay. Further with gradual increase in air, road and rail travel the criss-cross movement across the country puts more burden on health machinery that is already tired to core. So its imperative for citizens to cooperate with administration and observe the common norms of wearing the mask always, maintaining social distance and washing hands using sanitizers or soap.

During the peak of COVID-19 infection, the society collectively showed its resilience and same is expected again in largest interest of nation, said Dr Raut in an emotional appeal. Already the Government treasury has taken a hit due to lockdown and general slowdown but still Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) will not let funds shortage to affect