Published On : Sat, Jun 5th, 2021

Dr. Pachlore Foundations Inspiration Fest Celebrated with International Health Conclave

Dr. Pachlore Foundations , Maestro Multiversity ,Annual fiesta – ‘ Inspiration Fest’ 20 bedazzled every class and mass with its innovative practices and creative principles. To mark upon Two decades of services , it successfully Organized , International Health – E- Conclave in association with European Council to make orientation about wellness principles & practices. Its was not only glittering Glamorous but also Intellectually flooded wisdom workshop , with the Guiding Session of Global wellness Icons viz; Justyna Krukowska ( Director-JBL- European Union ) , Dr. Lokendrasingh ( Director – CIIMS , Nagpur ) , Maestro Dr. Vikramsingh Pachlore ( Director – DPF- PVMM, India) and Dr. T.S.Satyanaryana Rao ( Dean- JSS Medical College, Mysore) who guided on pivotal medical issues .

Dr. Sanjivani Pachlore ( Medical Director , DPF – PVMM ) summarising the highlights of the conclave said, , “We are encouraging health innovations which can improve healthcare in our country. We are looking at providing opportunities for innovations which can improve access, delivery and affordability of healthcare services.” These innovations must have relevance, affordability and scalability for impact. Building partnerships in health is also essential so that research explores, science discovers, technology develops, and the health system delivers. India can become the creative crucible of frugal, functional innovations that can transform health care.”

.Hon. Nitin Gadkari ( Cabinet Minister , Go I ) ,in his innaugral address said “The conclave highlighted how governments, innovators, researchers and funders of innovation can work together and create a supportive ecosystem and how people and communities can benefit from new technologies and how its reach be maximised to populations. ”The programme was kicked off with webinar on topic ‘Illness to Wellness – to promote healthy living and preventive health through holistic measures.. Gadkari further appreciated Dr. Pachlore Foundations vivid projects & programs successfully running the field of Medical , Educational, Socio-. Cultural, Child & Women Empowerment etc. And stated his pride to be associated with the world class Glocal organization in all sense and services

Sharing his views, Dr. Vikramsingh Pachlore ( Director – DPF- PVMM, India ) said, “COVID pandemic has taught human race the hard lesson that medical science may not have readymade answers to emerging health crises. Therefore, we need to go back to the basics by putting focus on preventive measures and healthy living. Illness to Wellness has been timely conceived to bring the spotlight back on aspects we perhaps know at the back of our mind, but many are not able to practice in the rush of a busy life, such as the importance of healthy diet, exercise, hygienic habits, timely preventive practices among others.”. Dr. Pachlore foundation is an epitome of Innovative Integrity & Creativity Commitment. The International Health E – Conclave aims to make awareness and provide scientific solutions to vivid medical issues.

Jutyna Jan Krukowska ( Director – JBL , Poland , ,EU ) in her guiding session said , ‘. Our sexuality is one of the most basic aspects of our lives, affecting our overall health and happiness. Just as exercise supports the primal needs of your physical body, and eating whole foods supports your natural digestive functions, healthy sexual relationships contribute to overall vitality and wellbeing.. It’s really admirable that Dr. Pachlore Foundation is making all round efforts to work on the neglected and secondry domain of Health sciences , clearing dominant doubts and traditional Taboos”.

Eminent Neurosurgeon, Writer & Scholar Dr. Lokendrasingh ( Director – CIIMS , Nagpur ) said , ” Thought Tumours are more dangerous than actual one , as it prejudices and corrupts the thinking capacity. Brain is CPU of our life system , we have to learn to mind our mind in healthy manner. Sexual health is typically low on Humans lists of health priorities. The Conclave seeks to improve Health lives, by understanding & realizing to the multi-faceted ways that the body and mind play together.

Dr. Pachlore foundation also felicitated Glocal Achiever, Eminent Medical and Community service provider : Dr. T. S. Satyanarayana Rao ( Dean- JSS Medical College, , Mysore) with Inspiration Idol Award for his enduring achievement in field of Medical science & Research. . Expressing Gratitude for the Foundation Dr. Rao said , “ It feels good to be recognized for the cause your are striving for. Our endurance and Medical exercise is similar to kind of hard work for social cause done by Dr. Pachlore foundation. The new generation should nurture culture of classic taste and tradition with selfless service attitude working towards the emancipation of mindkind in all sense. The present Pandemic phobia has raised the demand for mental health , Research & Services at large in scientific and systematic manner” . The COVID–19 pandemic has completely transformed the concept of wellness.

Now, wellness is not merely an individual’s concern rather a community strategy and is being viewed in a very broader perspective of people’s relationship with planet and the society.”.He further stated that although one can cure through medicines, vaccinations and other supplements, the solution to strengthen our immunity is more important..” said Dr. Rao in his Valedictory Address.

Dr. Pachlore Foundations, Maestro Multiversity , India’s Inspiration Fest was special in all accord for rendering Educational & Medical services ‘ Centre of Excellence’ , since last two decades. The Pandemic could not ruin the enthusiastic spirit of Inspiration fest- 20 celebration , which was conducted in gala manner virtually and also mark the presence of stalwarts & Scholars acrooss the globe from vivid fields in following Rendezvous Show , ‘Yours Legally’ , Politically Correct , The Doc – Talk show and other cultural programs organised by the Foundation, Informed Tech- Head ,Prof. Neeranjan Chitare..

Also ,Dr. Ranjeet Patil , Dr. Sunil Deshmukh , Dr. Anil Bonde , Dr. Mahatme , Dr. Pathak ,, Dr. .Ranade along with Adv. Yashomati Thakur ( Guardian Minister , Amravati ) & Omprakash alias Bacchu Kadu ( Guardian Minister, Akola ) were among the prominent participant dignitaries who expressed their deep admiration for Visionary Accomplishments of Dr. Pachlore Foundation , with successful execution of Innovative Community Services Education & Research projects Like International Health Conclave.. N.V. Sharma anchored the event & Proposed Vote of Thanks.