Published On : Sat, Aug 22nd, 2015

Dr Madan Kapre’s Anti-Tobacco campaign held

dr-madan-kapseNagpur: It is a well known fact that tobacco is a carcinogenic substance and its abuse is the root cause for many health hazards and cancer in specific. Even though the government and many organisations have undertaken campaigns on their levels to restrict the usage of tobacco, people still continue their addiction with smoking and other ways of consuming tobacco. To address this issue noted ENT and head and neck surgeon Dr Madan Kapre held an anti tobacco campaign called “Dr Kapre’s Horror Show” on Friday.

Dr Madan Kapre broke many myths about tobacco which is prevalent among rural population. Dr Kapre said one will not hesitate to fix ones daughters marriage to person who smokes or chew pan with scented tobacco but they think twice for an alcoholic, though former habits are deadlier and not seen as taboo. Offering pan and supari and tobacco is ingrained as culture which starts as an invitation, then forms a habit and then their is calamity.

Many of his patients had permitted to show their cases which was shown at the campaign. He observed that of all the human cancers head and neck region contributes 40 per cent and Vidarbha particularly adivasi areas has high prevalence due to social habits of people.

Those who consume kharra or ghutaka and has difficulty in opening mouth due to sub mucous fibrosis, have as high as 30 per cent end up with oral cavity cancers. Due to genetic make up not all who consume tobacco may develop cancer but 30 per cent chances are there irrespective of economical status, poor or rich.

Unless diagnosed in stage one most turn fatal and only half has 5 years survival. Indians are number one in many fields like cricket, chess, but oddly enough they also lead in oral cancers. He urged the teacher community to make their pupils aware about ill effects of tobacco in any persuade their parents to shun the habit and desist themselves.

Every one attending the congregation was given the copies of the CD of the show for furthering the cause in their respective areas by the Club. Rajeev Rahalkar proposed the vote of thanks.