Published On : Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

Dr Ambedkar Management College conducts Aavhan

Nagpur: ‘Aavhan’ by Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research, Deekshabhoomi which has a luminous history of three decades was conducted on 20th January, 2018. Aavhan is held by the institute to bridge the gap between academia and industry and ensure the dissemination of knowledge among bright young minds on the various current practices in the professional world. This year Aavhan aims to cover the major trends in Total Quality Management.

The event acted as a platform for students to learn about the various techniques that enable companies to develop and deliver products and services of top quality. Eminent personalities such as Dr R Lakhe, SQMS India, Dr A Shukla, Consultant and S Tare, GM, Mahindra and Mahindra were the speakers at the event and imparted knowledge to the student community on the importance and implementation of quality management techniques in their respective fields.

The first speaker, Dr R Lakhe delivered his talk on how Six Sigma is implemented in India, its relevance to the student community and also to the industries as a whole. The importance of producing and processing with minimal defects and how it impacts the quality of the product or service being offered was discussed by him.

The second speaker, Dr A Shukla’s lecture was on how the 5 S Framework is implemented across industries so as to ensure the speedy, error-free processes and its impact on ease of business. He also enlightened the students on how the use of such practices brings in greater transparency in the entire proceedings of a company and how it is beneficial to them.

The third and final speaker, A Tare talked about how the changing trends in India and the implementation of GST helped M&M bring down the operational costs by reducing the number of stockyards. He enlightened the students on how companies identify, produce and stock their products over the entire duration of the year and how it is beneficial to the organisaitons.

The final portion of the event was a poster presentation competition in which students from across Nagpur participated. The finalists were from Tirpude Hospitality College, Punjabrao Deshmukh Institute of Management and Research, City Premiere College and Ramdebobaba College of Engineering. Anuj Dixit from Tirpude Hospitality College bagged the first prize of Rs. 4,000 for a wonderful display of how the Hospitality Sector ensures absolute quality at all times by a live demonstration as well. The student teams from all the colleges enjoyed themselves quite well.

Total Quality Management lived up to its name and pedigree. It ensured that students, faculty members and also personalities from the industry were enlightened on the various trends and techniques for Quality Management. This, the institute hopes, will ensure that the students will be more aware and better prepared to face the challenges of the changing Indian scenario.

The event was well co-ordinated by students under the guidance of Dr Dipesh Uike and Prof Sushant Waghware.