Published On : Mon, Jun 1st, 2020

DPS Lava initiates ‘Breaking Barriers’ to promote learning

Breaking Barriers is an initiative launched by Delhi Public School Varanasi, Nashik and Lava Nagpur to introduce the students and parents to different perspectives and ideologies and promote creativity and learning. A series of webinars are being conducted and the celebrity guests are luminaries from different fields.

The 8th edition of BREAKING BARRIERS was held on 30th May 2020. The noted lyricist Shri Sameer Anjaan was the guest and he interacted with students of all the three schools. Sameer Anjaan was born in a small town near Varanasi and completed his Masters in Commerce from Benaras Hindu University. His father wanted him to become a Chartered Accountant but destiny had a different plan.Sameer gave up his job in a bank and decided to move to Mumbai and pursue his dreams. In 1981, Sameer Anjaan commenced his struggle to find his place in the Hindi film industry. His unwavering faith in himself and sheer hard work bore fruit and soon everyone was singing his songs.

Every song, says Sameerji, has a story to tell. A lot of hard work goes into the making of a song. Beautiful lyrics are those that have a universal appeal, it fills the listener with energy and even propels change in the society.

Hindi films mirror what is happening in the society and the content of our movies will change only when people’s mindsets change. Sameer Anjaan believes that karma, hard work, positive attitude and a good education are the ingredients of the recipe of success. He urged students to follow their heart while choosing a career for you do best what you love to do. Hobbies, he said, play a very important role as they break monotony, refresh and rejuvenate and so everybody must nurture a hobby.

Anshita Roy of DPS Varanasi introduced Sameerji in an inimitable way. NamyaArora of DPS Nashik, Anshika Gupta of DPS Varanasi and BhavyaAgrawal of DPS Lava Nagpur asked thought provoking questions. The webinar was moderated by Mr. ShelatThe Principal of DPS Varanasi.